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The Difference between the Black Berkey Filter and the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter

The Difference between the Black Berkey Filter and the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter

Over the years, water has been a vital necessity for the flora and fauna inhabitants of the planet. Earth is covered mostly by water, and that is why it has been one of the primary sources of survival for it. As well as for human beings; water is vitally essential in order to be refueled for their day to day encounters.

Our water has been greatly exposed to vastly most things, this includes contaminants and pollutants. Berkey Water Filters have long been recognized as the best water purifier by providing safe drinking waters globally. It has been known to provide high-quality performance and astounding satisfaction towards its users. 

With its impeccable technological advancements on hand, Berkey has been on the constant roll of soaring brands. It have not yet failed to make filters extra great at performing its pre-designed jobs. Furthermore, it tops others for being the best at improving the quality of drinking water in both being potable and palatable.

The Black Berkey and Ceramic Filters have been the center of attraction upon the prying eyes of consumers. Users whom are willing to give the opportunity for a cleaner being to one of these mighty filters.

Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter


First, let us talk about the wonderful Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filters that comprises mainly of minerals.

With its fine granules, the Ceramic Filters purifies water by sifting through sediments like sand and tiny rocks. To make this even better, the ceramic layers of the filter is infused with silver composites.

Silver is known to cause no harmful effects in water; it does not in any way contribute harm. This metallic element is infused in the layer to double up its function to cleanse the water efficiently. Silver has been found out to have capabilities of inhibiting bacterial and viral growth. As well as absorbing harmful elements like copper, lead and arsenic.

Other Features of the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters

The Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters are also known for doing an excellent job in eliminating fluoride. Fluoride is considered to be one of the most harmful elements found in drinking waters worldwide. Studies show that infants who were prone to drinking fluoridated water mixed in their formula, can result to a reduced IQ. As a matter of fact, fluoride does not do any advantage towards strengthening the teeth of a person.

Fluoride is known to cause hypersensitivity reactions, urticaria or itchiness, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and even cancer. With its double purifying power, the SS Ceramic Filters raise the safety of drinking water. An incredible increase to a good number of 80% fluoride-free content.

The wondrous ceramic filters come in two filter systems. These attributes to a cleansing power of 1,000 gallons per system. This makes up savings of less than 2 cents per gallon. Especially that the ceramic filters are re-usable and washable, with replacements recommended at least twice every year.

Black Berkey Filters

Taking a huge leap ahead from the Ceramic Filters are the ebonies of the Black Berkey Filters. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted studies and laboratory workups with this device. As expected, they have proven that Black Berkeys have taken the water cleaning game at a whole new level.

It has been tested to exceed the NSF/ANSI Standard 53 by EPA, which is the highest standard in safe drinking water. It has also tested positive to eradicate pathogens to a good number of 100%. No pathogens were found among the waters tested using the Black Berkey Filters. Therefore classifying the Black Filters to be the leading water purifier available globally!

Black Filters is now the chief brand in gravity-fed water purification. This filtration system makes upgrades from gravity-filtration systems effortlessly minimal.

Other Features of the Black Berkey Filters

The Black Filters are also acclaimed for having a longer lifetime than the Ceramic filters. It is composed of two-filter systems capable of cleaning 3,000 gallons per system. This supreme brand of filtration system is also tested to be reusable and re-washable. The Black Berkeys can also be cleaned using a standard 3M Scotch Brite pad. 

The cleaning prowess of the Black Filters has been standardized too. It is tested to remove pathogenic bacteria, viral cysts, chemicals like chlorine and sediments and other particulates.

With constant upgrades over time, it has exceeded standards by eliminating Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in water. The MTBE is a chemical known to be the best substitute for gasoline because of its volatility. It also removes lead and other heavy metals that are carried in the water. The Black Filters are also known to do a wonderful job in eliminating fluoride in water.

When it comes to warranty, Black Filters are covered by a 2-year, pro-rated warranty. While, the Ceramic Filters are only covered for the first 6 month after purchase.

The Super Sterasyl Ceramic filters have a lifespan of 535 gallons, which is about 1,000 gallons for a pair. The Black Berkey purifiers have a much longer lifespan. A pair of the Black Berkeys will purify approximately 6,000 gallons of water before replacement is recommended.

Which one is the Best?

This article is to provide you with two of the most competitive brands there is in the world of filtration systems. Every information and features that each of the brands offer are stated above. Yes, you have full control and liberty to which brand you will go for. 

Every customer deserves the assurance and 100% guarantee of a safe and high-quality providing filtration system. The one that could provide the best drinking water when it comes to cleanliness and safety. The filtration system that can give you and your family a healthy lifestyle and secured future.

Weighing both options, Black Berkey Filters ticks all of the check lists that ensures a reliable and trustworthy filtration system. The Black Berkey Filters can definitely guarantee you and your family a drinkable and safe water resource. Its credibility and effectiveness in providing the cleanest of water has been tested and proven. You can and will never go wrong with Black Berkey. 

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