How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?



Every day, one essential routine to kick off the day is to take a shower. This will release the stresses and the tough times during the entire day.

In other times, taking a shower acts as a revitalization of a tired spirit, a move to allow oneself to gather energy to get through another tough day.

However, shower time can be stressful since it is contaminated with various chemicals. Furthermore, these chemicals can bring harm to the body even for a long period. 

The good thing is, there's a product available today which can help with this dilemma. And that is the shower filter. 

This article will discuss what shower filters are. It will tackle how does it work and what its advantages are to the users. Finally, it will end with the recommended product that one can install inside the home now.

What Are Shower Filters?

Shower filters are available in various sizes and shapes. One can fit it directly into the showerhead by himself or with the aid of a professional.

The shower filters can reduce chlorine, sulfur odor, and scale. Furthermore, shower filters can eliminate harmful chemical impurities in the water.

Although installed on a shower filter can result in instant relief from the effects of the hard water, it is still a temporary solution. The majority of the shower filters have a cartridge that needs regular replacement. Usually, filter replacement takes place every six months of regular use.

Benefits Of Shower Filters

Avoid Diseases Of Children

How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

A hot shower from unfiltered municipal water can cause damaging health effects to the children.

In Belgium, a study was conducted to find out if there was a correlation between schoolchildren who spend time breathing the air in an indoor swimming pool and increasing asthma chances.

The study found out that children who frequently play at the pool can have higher chances of developing juvenile asthma. In some cases, the symptoms they suffer are severe.

The research also confirms that chlorine vapors can be harmful to a child’s respiratory system. Swimming in community pools or taking a shower at home can increase the chances of damaged epithelial tissue. This is the tissue that makes up the outer layer of the skin plus the insides of the lungs.  

Eliminate The Bacteria In The Showerheads

According to Professor Norman Pace of the University of Colorado, millions of microorganisms and bacteria pile in the showerhead. They are always ready to go down whenever the faucet is turned on—as such, investing in a shower head is essential in protecting the body.

End Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Today, humanity is exposed to more than 75,000 toxic chemicals. The water supply alone contains around 2,100 chemicals. Meanwhile, most of it can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin while showering. Indeed, a shower filter can be a good start in preventing chemical contamination.

Help Make Skin Fit

Sometimes, feelings of exhaustion and fatigue will worsen after a long and hot shower versus first getting in. This might be because of the chlorine inhalation and absorption.

Exposure to chlorine can lead to mental depression, physical fatigue, and lowered autoimmune function. As such, the body can find it challenging to fight diseases and allergic reactions.

Indeed, a shower filter can prevent those harsh vapors. It can strengthen the immune system and leave the body and mind invigorated. 

Inhibit Bad Effects On Pregnant Mothers

How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

The shower water filters are important for pregnant mothers. It can reduce their chlorine exposure which can put the mother and baby’s life at risk.

A study conducted in England shows that women who drank or took a bath in unfiltered water with chlorine and other contaminants resulted in different birth complications. It includes stillbirth, low birth weight, premature delivery, and other congenital disabilities.

Prevent Asthma And Allergy Attacks

Those who have allergies and asthma have reported fewer attacks whenever they use a shower head with filters. This is because the filters can block the irritants.

Studies show that even though the outdoor air quality has improved in the past years, many children still suffer from respiratory problems. Researchers believe that this is due to vaporized shower water plus synthetic chemicals used indoors.

Prevent Inhaling/ Ingesting Chlorine

Indeed, chlorine can reduce the pathogenic bacteria in the water, yet its by-products can be dangerous for the body. When chlorine reacts with organic matter in water, it forms disinfectant byproducts which are the THMs. THMs are cancer-causing chloroform.

Whenever someone takes a shower, the pores will open, leading to dermal absorption of chlorine and its by-products. By taking a bath without a water filter, one will become more susceptible to chlorine versus drinking unfiltered water.  

Skin Will Look Younger  

How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

Taking a shower with excessive amounts of chlorine will cause it to bond to the skin. As such, the natural moisture will be removed and disrupted. Furthermore, helpful bacteria that reside in the body will be eradicated.

Also, contaminated water can result in irritated and dry skin. It can contribute to premature signs of aging like having wrinkles and discoloration on the skin. But with a shower filter can neutralize the chemicals and leave the skin soft and lustrous.

The same is true with the hair. Chlorine will strip away the natural oils and make the hair dry, frizzy, and irritated.

However, the use of shower filters can restore the natural shine and texture of the hair. One can get back the natural luster and touch by taking a bath in chlorine-free water.

Also, one can save money by buying expensive conditioners and shampoos. Customers can skip the salon and stop having costly hot oil treatments.  

Stop Cancer

Vaporized and inhaled chlorine can damage the lungs. According to the Centers for Disease Control, those who like to take hot showers are more exposed to chlorine versus those who drink unfiltered tap water. This is because when the unfiltered water is heated, it turns to gas. When it becomes gas, the skin can absorb it, and even the lungs can inhale it.

Types Of Shower Filters

There are various shower filters on the market today. However, the popular ones are the carbon, Vitamin C, and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filtration system. There are also two-stage filter systems and carbon filters. Find out more below:

Carbon Shower Filter- This is the most popular type of filter. Unlike other shower water filters, this one is an affordable filtration method because the activated carbon is cheap.

While it is inexpensive, its effectiveness in removing chemicals from the bathwater can be incompetent. This is because it can be affected by heat. Once the water that is being filtered reaches a certain temperature, it will negate the activated carbon and make it useless.

KDF Filters: This type of filter uses zinc and copper. When these metals are pressed against each other, it creates a small electrical charge. The electricity produced will not harm humans, but it can affect the minerals in the water.

When the water passes through the electric charge, it liberates the free-roaming chlorine from the other water molecules. After that, chlorine recombines with other metals like chloride and calcium: which are harmless and water-soluble electrolytes.

One disadvantage of using KDF, they don’t filter chloramines. It is also unsuccessful in low-pressure showers.

How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

Two-Stage Filters: This type of filter can remove chlorine and other chemicals. Furthermore, it can improve the pH balance of the water.

The first stage commonly employs granular copper and zinc to filter chemicals and chlorine. Meanwhile, the second stage uses activated carbon to remove additional pollutants finally.  

Vitamin C Filters: It is the best option for a shower filter. However, it is not the most popular among consumers.

The Vitamin C filters can filter out around 99% of the chloride found in the water. Meanwhile, other filters can only filter about 20-80%.

This type of filter can eliminate sediment and chloramines. It uses an ascorbic acid tube, and interacts with chloramines and chlorine, and neutralizes them.

However, Vitamin C filters are expensive, and the filters don’t last a long time.

The Berkey Shower Filter With White Massage Shower Head

The Berkey Shower filter can help reduce the damage to the skin and hair of a user. Indeed, it can eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and other pollutants in the water.

Take a look at its features and specifications below:


The Berkey Shower Filter is BPA-free, and it is effective for both hot and cold water. It can last up to 25,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first.

This shower filter can reduce up to 95% of chlorine, 98% water-soluble heavy metals, and hydrogen sulfide. Furthermore, it can reduce lime, mold, scale, and fungi, most prevalent in showerheads.

The Berkey products can prevent foul taste and odor on the water. As such, every whip and splash is safe and clean.

Amazingly, the product has a back flush attachment so it can prevent premature clogging. Meanwhile, the ‘full flow’ filter makes sure that there is an even distribution of water in the entire media.

Just like all other Berkey products, the shower filter is easy to install and use. The cartridge is replaceable, and it comes with self-sealing threads.


The showerhead flow of the product is at 2.5 gallons per minute, as regulated by the US authorities.

It uses a patented blend of pure Calcium Sulfide, Zinc, and Copper. It works on a similar principle to the Catalytic Converter in cars, known as the Reduction-Oxidation or ‘Redox.’

The product is available in white color only. It has a 7” x 4” x 4” product dimension and weighs about 1.17 pounds.

Are you interested in buying the Berkey Shower Filter? Find out more here: The Berkey Shower Filter.


How Does Berkey Shower Filter Work? What Does It Remove?

In sum, taking a shower is a pleasant experience. It can perk one up early in the morning and get ready ahead for the rest of the day. During the nighttime, showering can wash away the troubles before getting in bed.

Using shower filters, such as the Berkey, can remove chemicals and bacteria that stock in the water. It can decrease the risk of adverse health effects on the body. Indeed, the shower filters can make the water safe and clean.

Meanwhile, to help one with shopping, take note of the tips above mentioned. This will save time, money, and effort in scanning through hundreds of shower filters available in the market today.

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