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The Evolution of the Portable Water Filter: Sport Berkey

          Bottled water is very handy. Anyone can just buy anywhere for $2/bottle. Anyone can just bring it with him everywhere he goes. Some would rather buy multiple bottled water every day rather than bringing a tumbler and filling it with drinking water anytime. It is convenient, especially for people who are always in a rush.

          During a long and tiring day at work, at the gym, in school, at the park, you will need to rehydrate yourself and drinking fountains are not always available. So you won’t have a choice but to buy bottled water nearby. Yes, relying on bottled water is good. But not all the time. It may be convenient and it is the easiest way to drink wherever you are, whatever you do and whenever you want to.

          But bottles of drinking water also need to be disposed properly. If not disposed, should be recycled. It can be used as an alternative for watering plants, containers, and even recyclable for drinking again. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best option. Some only consider drinking from bottled water during emergencies.

Evolution of Water filter


          If you think water in bottles is a better option, you're wrong. In truth, 40% of water in bottles contains just regular water. Free of pollution - Water you drink must be filtered that there aren't any toxins, like bacteria, viruses, and artificial substances. Rich in minerals - only as much as possible, nutrients must be present in the water you drink to assist you keep a healthy body. Has balanced pH - The water you drink needs to not be acidic and not overly alkaline, but must have pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Is electrolyzed - Water that's considered micro clustered or reduced includes little groups of water molecules, that might help improve cell moisture and assimilation of vitamins at the cellular level. Has anti-oxidants - Ionized water has the capability to have negative oxidation decrease, which could counteract the free radicals within the body, while slowing down the procedure for aging.

          The body was designed to drink spring water, which includes all the nutrients the body needs.

clean water berkey evolution

            Has anyone ever tried to watch a video or someone working in a refilling station? Watching them work on the process of filtering, and purifying water is quite interesting and amazing, right? Well it is. I bet some people have imagined that this was not existing before, ages ago, yet people survived during those old times.

           But the thing is, because of technology and innovative ways on providing the best for the human body, after 500 BC, Hippocrates invented the first bag filter which was called the “Hippocrates sleeve”. This bag filter traps the sediments that causes bad tastes or odours. Then after that, more scientists proved the effectiveness of this invention. In 1627, Sir Francis Bacon started to experiment on Salt Filtration with seawater. However, it was not found effective. That caused other scientists to experiment on this further.

clean water berkey water

           It is given that our body is composed of 80% water, which you ought to be able to preserve to have optimum health. With numerous options around, it is challenging to select the best kind of water to drink. As you take your pick, you'll come across 3 terms: distilled, purified, and mineral.

          Distilled: this kind of water was rolled up and vaporized, meaning that solid deposits are eliminated, including minerals. In this instance, distilled water doesn't contain any mineral, that makes it acidic. Distilled water is perfect for short term use and also to detoxify the body. Purified: This indicates that the water is in its own purest form and is thus often mistaken with distilled due to the removal of water impurities. 

           Purified water undergoes additional procedures, including deionization and reverse osmosis. Notice though that distilled water is purified water, but purified water is not distilled water due to the additional purification processes it's going through. Mineral: Mineral water might come through the same source as purified and distilled water.

            This kind of water is called thus as it is necessary to contain a predetermined amount of trace minerals, including magnesium and calcium. Mineral water provides several health advantages, but it's more of the treat than an everyday drink. Regular water is frequently not recommended by experts due to the many pollutants it contains, like fluoride, aluminium, and arsenic. 

water filter evolution

             After all these experimentations and discoveries, the man made filtration system was created. That was when Berkey was invented. This paved the way for household members to drink clean water at the comfort of their homes. Because of this, people won’t need to buy their drinking water elsewhere. Rather, they can just pour in water from the faucet to the Berkey and it will surely come out clean and ready to drink. And it is very durable that it can last longer than anything else. All you need to do is to replace the filters once you have reached the 3000-gal limit.

          We could not think of any investment better than this. It will be the best gift for the family. Good investment, right? You have given yourself enough.


         And since we’re talking about bottled water earlier, we recommend the Sport Berkey, which is more like a handy bottled water that you can bring with you anywhere, anytime. Go get yourself a sport berkey and you quench your thirst anytime with clean and purified water!

sport berkey



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