Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Drinking Water

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Drinking WaterWater itself is already an organic compound that we need to help us do the things we wanted to do. We all know that the main function of water is to keep us hydrated as we do our day to day activities. We are not fully aware of the vitality of water to our body for us to do certain tasks in our lives, may it be simple or complex.


Primarily indeed, water keeps us hydrated, and not only that one of its functions is to help deliver oxygen throughout the body, and without oxygen, we won’t be alive today. It also aids in brain functions, the brain itself is composed of 70% of water.

Also, water acts as a shock absorber of the body, but most importantly it helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Although water has been chlorinated and treated, we are not quite safe from volatile organic compounds in drinking water had been successfully removed.


Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOC’s are rapidly evaporating chemicals or drugs that polluted or have combined with water. Water that came or supplied by dams for the community is treated through the water sanitation system.

Chlorine is added to water supplies and remained for a long period to kill bacteria, protozoan, and other microorganisms, though it still is not potable to drink.


As water remains in the sanitation system, different volatile organic compounds seep through soil and into the water system and combine with the chlorinated water.

Some of which are mercury and lead from rusted water pipes and sometimes chemical wastes that are produced by certain industries and fecal materials that combines with the water supply and is also caused by improperly operated and poorly maintained water systems.

Aware or not, some of these chemical waste can sometimes be found at home, and we sometimes use it daily.

Though sometimes filtered, as water flows through the pipes some of which are cracked or broken and sometimes rusted can be the reason why volatile organic compounds in drinking water are still present.


What are the different kinds of volatile organic compounds and how does it affects our health?

Scientists found certain volatile organic compounds in drinking water, and some of those are added to certain products such as those that can be found in gasoline, pesticides, and insecticides.

Sometimes with misuse or by accident, it was spilled over, these compounds are absorbed by the soil and can go through the broken water line.


Even before the chlorination and treatment process is initiated in the water sanitation system, natural as it is fluoride is already found in water. We all know it helps to clean our teeth; however excessive intake can also be toxic.

Chlorine, mixed with water from the water sanitation system, is also essential in daily living, not only does it inhibits bacterial growth and kills certain microorganisms; it is also toxic when ingested by the body with more than the trace amount the body can take.

Excessive exposure to chlorine can lead to certain diseases or illness as well which affects the respiratory and nervous system.


Other volatile compounds in drinking water are lead and mercury, as we all are aware, these organic compounds are poisonous in so many ways.

Once exposed, may it be through ingestion or even just by skin absorption, it can lead to certain illnesses as well and not only that, once inside the body lead and mercury can never be removed thus prolonged exposure can lead to toxicity and causes psychotic and suicidal tendencies and in severe cases can lead to nerve damage by causing damages to the blood and brain.


At home, there are certain volatile organic compounds that most of the time we are not aware of, can affect our family’s health and most especially the children. Gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, pesticides, arsenic and insecticides which are present at home are rich with these volatile organic compounds.

Not only can it combine with water if exposed or by accident, but it was also spilled over and absorbed by the soil, it already is harmful when left open and breathe through the air. Depending on the body’s exposure, most these volatile organic compounds can cause respiratory illnesses or diseases and in severe cases nervous damage.


How to prevent and clean contaminated drinking water?

Well, there are a lot of ways to prevent our family from being exposed to these volatile organic compounds in drinking water. One way is to make sure that the water pipes aren’t broken or cracked and if they indeed make sure that it will be changed or fixed immediately to assure ourselves that no volatile organic compounds can leak through.


Making sure that the family is drinking filtered and purified water can keep them from harm’s way. Also making sure that the water lines aren’t rusted as it is one of the sources of mercury and lead toxicity.

Another way is to make sure that all sources of the volatile organic compounds are covered, spill proof and locked away from children’s reach.


Since more and more of volatile organic compounds in drinking water are being discovered nowadays due to the advancing environment, researchers found a way to filter and purify water, so that is safe from volatile organic compounds and is potable to drink.


Scientifically tested and proven that Berkey not only filters but also purifies the disease-causing microorganisms and volatile organic compounds in drinking water. Using this, the family is now safe from certain diseases and toxic organic compounds that are found in drinking water.

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