EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner & Heater - The Most Powerful Compact AC - Charge Add-On Battery with Solar, Car, AC or Power Stations

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The EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner is a revolutionary product in compact, mobile cooling and heating solutions. Seamlessly blending power, versatility, and eco-friendliness, this unit offers unparalleled functionality tailored for both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether seeking solace from a scorching day in the office or planning a weekend getaway, the WAVE 2 ensures comfort is always within reach.

*The EcoFlow Wave 2 does not come with a built-in battery. An Add-on Battery is recommended for optimum performance. 

Key Features:

  • Dual Functionality: Switch between robust cooling and efficient heating modes to optimize room temperatures throughout the year. The most powerful portable AC with cooling (5,100 BTU) and heating (6,100 BTU).
  • Compact & Lightweight Design: Weighing just 32 pounds, its sleek, angular design ensures hassle-free portability between rooms or even on camping trips. The most compact AC. No installation, No drainage in cooling mode.
  • Eco-Conscious Operation: Embrace guilt-free cooling with the R290 refrigerant, known for its minimal environmental impact and zero risk to the ozone layer. Rated power consumption: AC: 550W, DC: 495W 
  • Extended Battery Life: The optional swappable battery powers your WAVE 2 for up to eight hours in Eco mode, making it perfect for spaces without constant power access.
  • Intuitive Control: Benefit from a bright LCD that displays current and target temperatures, battery life, and easy-to-use control buttons. Additionally, the EcoFlow app offers remote operation and custom settings for a personalized experience. 
  • Off-Grid: Designed for camping, RV's, Trucks, and van life, power the whole night and stay quiet.
  • Multi-recharging approaches: Interchangeable battery, AC/solar/car/power station.

With its sleek design, this compact unit effortlessly blends into any setting, ensuring you enjoy optimal temperatures no matter where you are. Its lightweight build, weighing 32 pounds, allows for easy mobility, making it perfect for switching between office spaces, bedrooms, or outdoor settings.

Why Choose the EcoFlow WAVE 2?

  • Experience powerful cooling in spaces up to 107 square feet.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a portable charger with USB-A and USB-C ports integrated into the battery.
  • Opt for eco-friendly solar charging options for an even greener approach.
  • Ensure seamless operation with the ability to customize ambient lighting and silence the operational beep via the app.
  • Handle the unit effortlessly with the added handle when the battery is attached.
  • Weighs only 32 pounds. 
  • Minimum noise level of 44 dB

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the WAVE 2 offers comfort and convenience. The optional battery provides power for up to eight hours in Eco mode, making it invaluable for locations without consistent electrical access. Furthermore, the battery's integrated USB-A and USB-C ports offer various charging options, ensuring that you're always connected.

More Reasons to Love the EcoFlow WAVE 2:

  • Versatile Exhaust System: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage with adjustable venting options.
  • Safety & Durability: An IPX4 rating ensures resilience against splashes, and the unique drain-free function manages excess water.
  • Seamless Portability: The added handle when the battery is attached makes transportation a breeze.

With the EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner, redefine the boundaries of comfort, ensuring that wherever you are, optimal temperatures follow. Embrace the wave of innovation and stay cool, or warm, on demand.

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