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- TOP SELLERS -     Berkey® systems produces  Healthful Drinking Water available.


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Berkey Water Filters and Purification Systems are Top-sellers For a Reason.  

Berkey Water Filters are the world’s finest and most cost effective personal water purification systems available. Our products are long lasting (6,000 Gallons for a pair of black filters) and easy to install. 

Berkey systems can easily purify ordinary tap water, or even raw, untreated water from remote lakes and streams without use of electricity. Berkey removes Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fluoride and other unhealthy Contaminants without removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals needed to support a healthy body and mind. The cost of water purification is just about two cents per gallon. 

Many water filters on the market may claim to be a water purifier, but do not meet the performance specifications required for this classification. In order to be classified as a water purifier, a water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and reduce viruses by 99.99%.

The Black Berkey Purification Elements can be classified as water purifiers because they remove 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999% of viruses, which greatly exceeds the standard. The Black Berkey Purification Element formulation has been tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53.

Through diligent testing and research, we have proven that Berkey water filters remove unwanted contaminants to below detectable levels. Until these test results were made public, words like non-detectable were seldom if ever used to describe the abilities of a water filter to remove harmful pollutants.

If you're concerned about Fluoride and seeking to remove Fluoride from the water,
get our Fluoride Removal Filters PF-2 which can reduce Fluoride and Arsenic for over 95%.

Berkey Water Filters can remove 

  • Fluoride - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Viruses – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Lead - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Arsenic - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Iron - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Mercury - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chlorine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Trihalomethane(THMs) – Removed to greater than 99.8%.
  • Bisphenol-A - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Chloramines - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Pharmaceuticals - Removed to greater than 99.5%. 
  • Petroleum Contaminants - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Methylcycohexane-methane - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Pesticides - Removed to greater than 99.9%
  • Heavy Metals - Removed to greater than 99.1%
  • Coliform and e-Coli - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Atrazine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Uranium - Removed to greater than 97.0%.
  • Gross Alpha emitters - Removed to greater than 98.7%.

See the Laboratory Testing Results for what Berkey water filters remove.

Berkey water filters are the most effective remover of microorganisms that causes diseases. Its stainless chambers are corrosive free and are so convenient to clean as well as to maintain. It resists chemical reaction and do possess a scratch proof quality.

It is the most preferred drinking water filters in remote areas and on places where there is no tap water available but has only open water such as rivers or private wells. You just simply pour water straight from the upper chamber of stainless water containers then safe filtered potable drinking water is now stored in the lower chamber ready for drinking.

Berkey water filters are the best choice because it's easy to use even without electricity, and it’s simple, healthy, efficient, cost friendly, eco wise and extremely reliable.

Berkey water filters are utilized worldwide to set the international standard for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments. Owning a Berkey Water Filter gives you the ability to use almost any outside natural water source and revolutionize it into the best tasting, natural drinking water possible.

Here is why you need water purifiers.

Water can be physically deceiving. It may look clear and germ-free wherein actually it can contain millions of bacteria. There are different kinds of bacteria and viruses that can be found in water. Particularly, the untreated ones.

Water that is left untreated is very dangerous to drink. Moreover, the ones that have not gone the process of purification and filtration will result to serious complications in the body. There are a number of illnesses that can result from drinking contaminated water. Examples are, amoebiasis, intestinal infections, giardiasis and a like.

Common Contaminants:

  • Protozoan Parasites. This kind of parasite reproduce through feeding off from animals. The animals serves as their primary source to live and survive. Classified under this contaminant are the Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Water that contains these microscopic organism can cause you severe abdominal discomfort and diarrhea as well.
  • Escherichia Coli. This is profoundly known as the E.Coli Bacteria. As a matter of fact, E.Coli contributes greatly when it comes to a person's digestion process. It actually helps in breaking down the food into smaller particles. However, it becomes dangerous when it is carried into the upper digestive tract through drinking contaminated water. This can cause food poisoning and other intestinal infections.
  • Pesticides. This includes the inorganic chemical compounds that are maximized for agricultural matters.
  • Heavy Metals. Once water is contaminated through this, it can result to kidney problems and even cancer. Elements that belong under this contaminant are zinc, arsenic, mercury and lead.
  • Feces. This is very self-explanatory as to how this can be harmful to a person's health once carried inside the body. Irregardless if it is of a person's or animals' still it is very unsanitary.
  • Petroleum. This can contaminate our waters through the oil spills and leakages the occur. Crude Oil is a common example that is mostly found contaminating our drinking water.

These are only a few, but the most common that can be found endangering our water's reliability. Other contaminants that we need to be mindful of are pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, sewage leaks and industrial wastes.

See the Laboratory Testing Results for what Berkey water filters remove.