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Blemished Royal Berkey Water Filter (3.25 gal)

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Blemished Royal Berkey​ Systems: Same Great Performance at Special Price($61 Off)

The versatile Royal Berkey System is ideal for use at home with medium-sized families, travel, outdoor activities, or during unexpected emergencies

Blemished systems enable you to enjoy economic savings while being assured that the performance of your Berkey​ system has by no means been compromised. Cosmetically blemished Berkey​ systems come with the same warrantied Black Berkey​ Purification Elements that have made Berkey​ Water Filter the leader in the industry.

Blemished Berkey​ systems are identified by a distinctive “B” stamped on the upper and lower stainless steel chambers, which indicates that the chambers ARE NOT warrantied against cosmetic defects.

However, the ​Black Berkey​ Purification Elements carry the standard 2-year pro-rated limited warranty,​ which provides you with the same performance and longevity that you would experience with any of our non-blemished Berkey​ systems.

The Berkey stainless steel chambers are assembled in the USA from US and imported parts. The Black Berkey Purification Elements are made and assembled in the USA.

  • The Black Berkey Purification Elements are the only part of this product that is covered under the manufacturer's warranty
  • Blemished systems are sold as is - no refunds or exchanges on blemished canisters
  • These systems are slightly blemished with a minor cosmetic dent or scratch on the stainless steel only; there are no functional or performance defects with these systems
  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel 
  • This system comes standard with two Black Berkey Purification Elements but can be expanded to 4
  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel 
  • Storage capacity of about 3.25 gallons (12.3 liters)
  • Upper chamber nests within lower chamber for transport and stands only 15.25" in height
  • Maximum Filters: 4 Black Berkey Purification Elements (in upper chamber)
  • System includes upper and lower stainless steel chamber, 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (expandable up to 4), 1 stainless steel lid, 1 spigot, 2 wingnuts, 2 washers, 1 priming button,2 blocking plugs, 1 rubber gasket to protect the base
  • Height when in use: 23"
  • Diameter: 9.5"
  • Weight: 8 lbs empty
  • Serves: 2-6 people
  • Maximum Filtration Flow Rate:
    • Configured with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Royal Berkey System can purify up to 4 gallons (15.1 liters) per hour
    • Configured with 4 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Royal Berkey System can purify up to 8 gallons (30.3 liters) per hour
  • Up to 4 Berkey PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements can be installed in the lower chamber if desired

*Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines.

Customer Reviews

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In our line of work, we are provided with non-potable water. The Berkey has saved us so much money and provided us with safe drinking water! WE LOVE IT!!!

We love it!!

The water noticeable tasted better. My husband and I noticed that we craved water for days, once tasting the Berkey water. FYI, don't buy the stainless steel spigot if you buy the water view spigot, they don't work together. That was a $40 mistake that the website won't inform you of.


I was looking for a filtration system that wouldn't be super expensive or difficult to use and maintain. This product is really great, filters out the water well, looks good and works well. For a family of 4 and a dog using it, it keep up with our use. The town water has a hight volume of PFOA and chlorine (as well as other things) and this filters a lot of it out.
The only improvements I could see to make on this is some sort of a measurement display so you know when it's time to refill it, and maybe a base/stand for it so it can be placed on the counter without needing to be near an edge.
Honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made and it will last a long time before I need to replace filters. Less expensive in the long run that other products.

So glad we found Berkeley.

Great filter. Our water taste better. So convenient and nice looking.
We are really happy we found the Berkeley!

Just perfect

Haven't had any problems but, i have had great water!