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Blemished Travel Berkey Water Filter (1.5 gal)

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Blemished Travel Berkey​ Systems: Same Great Performance at Special Price

The compact Travel Berkey System is the perfect system for traveling (fits comfortably in most carry-on or larger suitcases), outdoor activities, and during unexpected emergencies.

Blemished systems enable you to enjoy economic savings while being assured that the performance of your Berkey​ system has by no means been compromised. Cosmetically blemished Berkey​ systems come with the same warrantied Black Berkey​ Purification Elements that have made Berkey​ Water Filter the leader in the industry.

Blemished Berkey​ systems are identified by a distinctive “B” stamped on the upper and lower stainless steel chambers, which indicates that the chambers ARE NOT warrantied against cosmetic defects.

However, the ​Black Berkey​ Purification Elements carry the standard 2-year pro-rated limited warranty,​ which provides you with the same performance and longevity that you would experience with any of our non-blemished Berkey​ systems.

Berkey stainless steel chambers are assembled in the USA from the US and imported parts. The Black Berkey Purification Elements are made and assembled in the USA.

  • The Black Berkey Purification Elements are the only part of this product that is covered under the manufacturer's warranty
  • Blemished systems are sold as-is - no refunds or exchanges on blemished canisters
  • These systems are slightly blemished with a minor cosmetic dent or scratch on the stainless steel canister only; there are no functional or performance defects with these systems
  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Storage capacity of about 1.5 gallons
  • Upper chamber nests within lower chamber for transport and stands only 12" in height
  • Maximum filters: 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (in upper chamber)
  • The system includes upper and lower stainless steel chambers, 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, 2 wingnuts, 2 washers, 1 priming button, stainless steel lid, spigot, and a rubber gasket to protect the base
  • Height when in use: 18"
  • Diameter: 7.5"
  • Weight: 6.13 lbs empty
  • Serves: 1 to 3 people
  • Maximum Filtration Flow Rate: Configured with two Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Travel Berkey System can produce up to 2.75 gallons (10.4 liters) of purified water per hour
  • Up to two Berkey PF-2, Fluoride, and Arsenic Reduction Filters may be installed in the lower chamber of this system if desired

*Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as the water level declines

*Blemished systems may not be shipped in original packaging.

Different Sizes:

Travel Berkey Water Filter - 1.5 Gallons
Big Berkey Water Filter - 2.25 Gallons
Berkey Light Water Filter - 2.75 Gallons
Royal Berkey Water Filter - 3.25 Gallons

Customer Reviews

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Vickie Davis (Dayton, US)
6,000 gallons w/filters you get!

Love it love it love it!
Full-time RVer's. Very compact! Water tastes great!

Gina Mazza (Gallatin, US)
Berkey feedback

Lots to love about my travel Berkey. The water is so fresh, it even makes my coffee taste better. A few minor things about it are confusing, though. It's hard to tell when you are over-filling the tank. (Twice I've had water leak out on my counter and onto the floor.) Also the spout is made of a cheap plastic and afraid it might snap off after a couple months of use. All in all, super glad I bought it!

Robin Dunn (Los Angeles, US)
Wow!! Impressed

I ordered the “Travel Berkey”
to use in our square drop trailer. Tired of plastic bottles and can now filter the water in our tank and save premium space for other things.

Liked so much, got a second larger unit for the house

Chyna Faerie (Columbus, US)
Weird Review

I received an email from The Berkey distributorship from whom I ordered & received my Travel Berkey approx 37 days ago to ask me if I’d be willing to write a review.

I would be happy to do so except that I’ve yet to set up my Berkey — so I’m unable to say what I think at this time.

Why? Because I have been waiting until the Berkey arsenic/fluoride filters are in stock again so I can order them.

The most important toxins I want to eliminate from my drinking water are those two specifically.

Also - if I’m understanding correctly, when I entered my city of residence for Berkey’s water assessment of toxins that Berkey filters out - or not - the results came back that there are 13-14 toxins present in my city water supply that Berkey does NOT filter out.

So I conclude that my best chance of obtaining the purest cleanest water I can is to purchase spring water (in plastic bottles!!!) and use that for my Berkey.

Or, alternatively, catch rain water and use that water and add trace minerals after filtering through the Berkey.

I do know the Berkey filtered water tastes fabulous because my neighbor has a giant sized Berkey and I’ve tasted her Berkey filtered water. The main reason I decided to choose the Berkey Water Filtration system in the first place. That water inspired me to buy a Berkey for myself.

I had to do something about my health issues. Mainly kidney problems because I rarely drank water — both because I truly hated the taste of every type of water I tried — filtered, smart, spring, or filtered — and because drinking water throughout the day made me need to pee all day long.

So ok. I have to drink more water. When I recalled how the only water I ever liked the taste of was from my neighbor’s Berkey, that settled it.

My TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) consultant also uses Berkey filtered water to make her Endocrine and Kidney teas which I’m drinking and they both taste delicious.

She also encouraged me to invest in the Berkey system in order to inspire me to drink more water because it tastes good.

So I’m really looking forward to purchasing the arsenic/fluoride filters and begin using my Berkey.

I do love the design and the stand — both are aesthetically pleasing to my taste — which also matters to my Venus in Virgo astrological placement. go figure. Lol

I’d be willing to write a better review once I’m able to order those fluoride/arsenic filters and actually drink my Berkey filtered water.

Aloha Blessings to all 🌈

Gail Shaw (Collinsville, US)
Love My Berkey

I really do love my Berkey. It's easy to use, clean and I love the taste of my water. Even my cat could tell the difference between our tap water and the water out of the Berkey. I feel better knowing my water has been purified. I have encouraged others to try it for themselves.

Rhonda Davis (Brownsburg, US)
Carbon filters

Please watch “Top ten mistakes with Berkey water filtration” (YouTube).”. Started having very slow filtration. This was with strictly Ice Mountain gallon bottles. A few inches of unfiltered water does remain in top chamber. Weekly maintenance essential to scrub the carbon filters smooth again. Already have non-functioning set of carbon filters with less than 100 cycles. Know two people that bought system and earned them how to avoid problems.

Klutchdust (Orange, US)
Second to none

Berkey has a product second to none. This was our 6th Berkey , three given as gifts. When you think Berkey think long term and how much you would spend on bottled or delivered water. Our 1.5 is for upstairs and we enjoy fresh clean water anytime day or night. Get one today, dont miss out.

Patricia Carroll (Columbia, US)
Love it!

Why did I wait so long to buy my Berkey?! The water tastes so clean and refreshing- I find myself drinking more water these days! Hooray!
Highly recommended!

Bernadette Padavana (Washington, US)

Love my Berkey water taste so much better that I have one at home and got one for work. Now I have a friend who is buying 2 as well one for her home and one for her daughter.

Gretchen Boyer (Lee's Summit, US)
Amazing Clean Water

I love this system. Water tasting great.