EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Refrigerator with Freezer - Mobile Car Fridge & Ice-Maker - Powered by AC, An Optional Battery, or Solar Power

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The EcoFlow Glacier is more than just a cooler; it's a testament to innovation and convenience. This advanced electric cooler offers flexible dual-zone cooling capabilities and introduces an unprecedented freezer function. Whether you're preserving perishables on a camping trip or need ice cubes for your beverage, the Glacier ensures your items remain perfectly chilled or frozen wherever you are.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Cooling Options: Shift seamlessly between dual-zone fridge or freezer. Customize your temperature settings from -13°F to 50°F with precision.

  • On-Demand Ice Making: In just 12 minutes, enjoy up to 18 ice cubes. Choose from large or small cube sizes, perfect for refreshing beverages or that evening whiskey on the rocks.

  • Stunning Capacity: With 38L of storage, it effortlessly holds weekend meals, condiments, or up to 60 cans of your preferred drink.

  • Smart Controls: Control and monitor your Glacier with an integrated LCD display or remotely through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using the EcoFlow app.

  • Power-Packed: Capable of running for 24-48 hours on a single charge. Supports AC, DC, removable battery, or solar power up to 240W. Plus, the optional battery serves as emergency power for other devices.

  • Easy Transport: Equipped with removable wheels and a suitcase-style handle, moving your cooler is a breeze, even at its robust 50 lbs.


Additional Highlights:

  • Quick Freeze technology cools from 86°F to 32°F in mere minutes.
  • Thoughtfully designed with built-in LED lights for nighttime use.
  • Durable yet sleek design, ensuring longevity while staying stylish.
  • Modular design with a removable divider that doubles as a cutting board.
  • Stay eco-friendly with ECO mode, optimizing battery consumption.

Invest in an Experience: The EcoFlow Glacier isn't just a cooler; it's a statement. Whether you're living the van life, a camping enthusiast, or someone who savors outdoor picnics, this cooler is designed to impress while delivering impeccable performance. Don't just go camping; redefine it with the Glacier.


  1. Integrated Ice-Maker: One of the standout features of the EcoFlow Glacier is the integrated ice-maker. This is unique for a portable fridge-freezer and can be extremely useful for outings, camping, or events where ice might be needed.

  2. Plug-in Battery with Extensive Runtime: A runtime of up to 40 hours is impressive for a portable fridge-freezer. The 298Wh battery ensures the device can function without a continuous power source, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

  3. Quick Ice Production: The efficiency of the ice maker, producing 18 bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 12 minutes, is commendable.

  4. Dual Storage with Independent Temperature Control: This feature offers flexibility, allowing users to combine cold and frozen storage simultaneously.

  5. Energy Efficiency: Consuming only 0.18kWh per day in Eco mode, the Glacier is designed to be energy efficient, which is essential for a portable device, ensuring longer battery life and reduced energy costs.

  6. Solar Charging Capability: Direct charging up to 240 watts from solar panels makes it a sustainable choice, especially when traditional power sources are unavailable.

  7. Rugged Design: Using green materials and an insulated design indicates a commitment to sustainability and durability. This is essential for a portable device that might face various environmental conditions.

  8. Portability: The "suitcase design" and a weight of 50.7 lbs make it relatively easy to transport for its capacity and features.

  9. Versatile Temperature Range: With a temperature range of 10°C/50°F to -25°C/-13°F, the Glacier can be used both as a freezer and refrigerator, offering flexibility based on user needs.

EcoFlow Glacier FAQs

Charging & Power

Q: How can the EcoFlow Glacier be charged?

A: The EcoFlow Glacier offers three charging methods: AC power, a 12V/24V car charger, and solar charging. But remember, for solar charging, the plug-in battery must be attached.


Q: Is it necessary to have the plug-in battery connected to the EcoFlow Glacier when using solar power?

A: The plug-in battery must be attached for the EcoFlow Glacier to function correctly on solar input.


Q: Can I use the plug-in battery of the EcoFlow Glacier to charge other devices?

A: Yes, you can. The plug-in battery has a Type-C interface that allows you to power other electronics and even supports fast charging up to 100W.


Q: Does the EcoFlow Glacier have a low-voltage protection feature?

A: Yes, the EcoFlow Glacier is equipped with built-in low-voltage protection.


Q: How does the battery protection feature work on the EcoFlow Glacier?

A: If the power supply voltage drops below a certain threshold, the EcoFlow Glacier will switch to the plug-in battery for power. The device will automatically turn off if the battery pack isn't connected.


Features & Functionality

Q: What Wi-Fi networks can the EcoFlow Glacier connect to?

A: The EcoFlow Glacier can connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.


Q: Can I operate the EcoFlow Glacier using a mobile app?

A: Certainly! You can control the EcoFlow Glacier via the EcoFlow APP through either Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.


Q: Does the EcoFlow Glacier app support remote operations?

A: After connecting your device with Bluetooth, the app allows you to configure network settings and control the EcoFlow Glacier remotely. Note that certain conditions apply for complete remote power-on.


Q: How do the Eco mode and Common mode differ on the EcoFlow Glacier?

A: Engaging the Eco mode on the EcoFlow Glacier helps prolong the battery's operational time.


Q: Is the EcoFlow Glacier able to make ice when powered by a 12V car charger?

A: The EcoFlow Glacier requires its plug-in battery to make ice using a 12V car charger. However, it can produce ice when connected to a 24V car charger or AC power without the battery.


Q: How do the dual zone temperature settings of the EcoFlow Glacier affect ice-making?

A: If the power remains stable, ice-making becomes the EcoFlow Glacier's priority, causing the dual zones to halt cooling temporarily.


Q: Why might my EcoFlow Glacier initially produce ice cubes of varying sizes?

A: Uneven initial water temperatures can lead to non-uniform cooling and ice cubes of different sizes. This is common for the first batch but stabilizes thereafter.


Design & Placement

Q: Can the side handles of the EcoFlow Glacier be detached?

A: Yes, for more compact placement, you can remove the EcoFlow Glacier's side handles.


Q: What are the best placement guidelines for the EcoFlow Glacier?

A: Ensure a minimum of 50 mm space between the EcoFlow Glacier's air vents and nearby walls, and avoid tilting the device beyond 30 degrees.


Q: Does the EcoFlow Glacier have a removable central divider?

A: The EcoFlow Glacier's central divider is detachable, allowing for individual temperature settings or accommodating larger items.


Q: Is it safe to pour water directly into the dual zones of the EcoFlow Glacier?

A: It's advisable to refrain from pouring water directly into the compartments as they aren't made of food-grade materials.


Q: Are the materials of the EcoFlow Glacier's ice maker safe for food?

A: The ice maker is crafted from food-grade materials and boasts antibacterial drain pipes.


Warranty & Durability

Q: How long is the EcoFlow Glacier's plug-in battery warranty?

A: The plug-in battery for the EcoFlow Glacier comes with a 2-year warranty.


Q: Is the EcoFlow Glacier designed to withstand bumpy transportation for extended periods?

A: It certainly is. If your EcoFlow Glacier has been transported for a while, give it at least 2 hours to settle before usage.

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