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Black Berkey Primer

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  • A hand priming pump that makes it possible to prime Black Berkey® Purification Elements offline, without the need for faucets or hose connections. Priming the Black Berkey® Purification Elements saturates the filters with water prior to their use, allowing for clean water production anywhere
  • If you have a small sink or short faucet, the Black Berkey® Primer makes it easy to prime your Black Berkey® Purification Elements
  • The Black Berkey®primer also purges(or back-flushes) the Black Berkey Purification Elements using air instead of water to clean the pores of the compressed carbon filter wall. Purging the Black Berkey® Purification Elements cleans the pores of debris that has accumulated with use and reduces the time and effort needed to dry the filters prior to storing them
  • Specifically designed for use with the Black Berkey® Purification Elements
  • May be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Do not microwave the Black Berkey® Primer
  • Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight
  • Black Berkey Primer™ is 100% manufactured & assembled in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Black Berkery primer

The primer took few minutes to put together,but worked great. I love my Berkey system.

Berkey's the Best!

Like reviewer David G. (below) the primer worked as advertised but now we just have to figure out where my husband stored it.... We couldn't have easily primed our filters with the design of our existing Grohe kitchen faucet, so I recommend buying the primer. Our daughter-in-law will be your next Berkey customer since she's learned on her own the importance of a good water filter and now that she's tasted our crisp, clean water.


The Berkeley was purchased as a gift to our grandson and his little family. They like it a lot.
Currently their newborn little girl is in Children’s Hospital and has been for weeks. She is on a heart transplant list, therefore they are not able to use it much as the hospital is out of town for them.

Berkey is the best out there

I have purchased 3 Berkey systems and 3 Berkey primers. 2 systems were gifts. No one has had any problems with the primer and it works as advertised. I only need to remember where I have the primer stored when I purchase my next couple of Black Berkey filters.

Black Berkey Primer

If you don't have a fixed faucet head that can direct a steady stream of water, you need to buy the primer, not only for
the initial set-up, but for periodic purges of the filters. Pretty simple to use, although I find that the bulb becomes deflated when priming the filters and it's hard to squeeze water through it. That might be operator-error, but it does work eventually. I'm very glad I purchased this and love my Big Berkey!