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Replacement Filters For Berkey

Replacing and installing a filter is easy and it only takes a minute to install, yet these filters last a long time.

If you're concerned about Fluoride and seeking to remove Fluoride from the water,
select the lower chamber PF-2 Filters if you currently have Black Berkeys in the upper chamber. If you have the New Berkey Earth Ceramic or older White Ceramic filters in the upper chamber, select the lower chamber PF-4 Filters.

Berkey Filters can remove 

  • Fluoride - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Viruses – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Lead - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Arsenic - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Iron - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Mercury - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chlorine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Trihalomethane(THMs) – Removed to greater than 99.8%.
  • Bisphenol-A - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Chloramines - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Pharmaceuticals - Removed to greater than 99.5%. 
  • Petroleum Contaminants - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Methylcycohexane-methane - Removed to greater than 99.9%. 
  • Pesticides - Removed to greater than 99.9%
  • Heavy Metals - Removed to greater than 99.1%
  • Coliform and e-Coli - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Atrazine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Uranium - Removed to greater than 97.0%.
  • Gross Alpha emitters - Removed to greater than 98.7%.
    See the Laboratory Testing Results for what Berkey water filters remove.


Black Berkey Water Filter Elements

Berkey filters have used powerful and advanced filters which they call the Black Berkey Filter Elements. These filters are being used in all their system which takes their water filtration into the next level. Black Berkey filters are one of the most efficient filters in the market. It was tested by EPA-approved laboratories and results found has significantly raised the standard for the water filter industry.


With Berkey Black Filter, you can be assured that the water you are using is clean and safe for consumption. As a matter of fact, Black Berkey Filter Elements are far more powerful compared to other water filters. Tests have shown that Black Berkey Filter Elements reduces 100% of pathogens in water. You will not detect any pathogen after using the Black Berkey filters.


The Black Berkey filter element had extensive testing at state and exceeds protocol of different laboratories. It was also tested by the University of Phoenix, Spectrum Labs, and the Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science at Louisiana University. With all these laboratory tests done, Black Berkey filter elements are 100% effective in bringing optimum results to the purification of water.


One Of A Kind

The unique Black Berkey elements combine the age-old process of microporous filtration coupled with modern state of the art technology and the highest quality materials to bring you the finest water purification system that is available anywhere. Berkey uses very small micro-pores within the self-sterilizing and re-cleanable Black Berkey Purification Elements. In this way, pathogenic bacteria cannot simply pass through them.


Indeed Black Berkey Filter Elements are one of a kind. You cannot find same result in purifying water among other competitors. Berkey made a very good invention that really helps all people. With this new technology, it won’t be a problem anymore on how to purify water that is very safe for use and for drinking purposes. Many customers have tried other products but they failed to remove the contaminants in water. 


Looking at the records of the laboratory testing, only Berkey exceeds the normal limitation given to a particular water filter. Berkey has set the standard for all water filters to surpass. Black Berkey Filter elements became a leader in a gravity-fed water purification. 


When it comes to durability, it lasts long before it needs a replacement. Two elements in a Berkey system will purify approximately 6,000 gallons of water before a replacement is recommended. You can clean it again and again when needed and it sterilizes itself during the life of the element. Lastly, elements come with a 2 year pro-rated warranty.


Berkey Fluoride Removal Water Filter PF2

Berkey PF-2 fluoride reduction elements are designed for use in conjunction with Black Berkey Purification Elements to adsorb the following unwanted contaminants found in drinking water:

• Fluoride
• Arsenic V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III
• Other residual heavy metal ions


FLUORIDE: Testing for fluoride was based on 20-30ppm of the ion in the influent aqueous solution at a flow rate of no more than 3 gpm (11 lpm) per cubic foot of media. Results of < 1ppm of the fluoride ion in the effluent were typical for the media (>95% reduction). Under optimum conditions, effluent concentrations of less than 50 ppb were readily achieved (>99.75% reduction).

ARSENIC: This product uniquely targets the entire family of arsenic oxide anions as well as the arsenic cations.

Under normal conditions it is recommended that each set of two Berkey PF-2 Elements be replaced after 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters). The Royal Berkey system is about 3.25 gallons (12.3 liters) therefore the Berkey PF-2 Elements should be replaced after 1,000/3.25 (3,785/12.3) or 307 refills. If the system is refilled about one time per day, the Berkey PF-2 Elements should be replaced after 10 months;  if the system is refilled about twice per day, the Berkey PF-2 Elements should be replaced about every five months). Actual capacity is dependent on the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water. High levels of fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals may reduce the capacity and efficiency of the elements.


1) Do not boil this element.

2) Berkey PF-2 Elements reduce filtration flow rate by 15-20%.

3) When lower reservoir is full of water, the Berkey PF-2 Elements will be immersed.

4) When water level in lower reservoir rises above the bottom of the Berkey PF-2 Elements, it is normal for small amounts of water to burp through threads connecting Berkey PF-2 elements to Black Berkey Purification Elements.

6) If/when you conduct the “Red Food Color Test” for the Black Berkey Purification Elements, you must remove the Berkey  PF-2 Elements first. Failure to do so may result in the voiding of the Berkey PF-2 Element’s warranty.

7) The lower reservoir in most gravity purification systems has a two to three gallon capacity and a typical household uses about one refill per day. We recommend that the upper reservoir be filled at night. The water from upper reservoir should be purified by morning. It is normal for the purification process to slow down significantly when water level in lower reservoir rises above the bottom of the Berkey PF-2 Elements. Households requiring more water can speed up the flow rate by drawing off the purified water into a water pitcher or other container when water level in lower reservoir rises above the bottom of the Berkey PF-2 Elements.

*For maximum removal efficiency, maintain the water being treated between a PH level above  5 and  below 7.

Actual capacity is dependent on the level of contamination of arsenic, fluoride and other competing heavy metal ions. Unusually high levels of these contaminants may reduce the capacity and efficiency of these elements.