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GO Berkey Kit with Black Berkey Primer

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The Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Purification System is a fully portable way to filter water on the go. 

This compact Go Berkey Kit is designed for camping, backpacking, school, on your desk at work, travel, in times of emergency or hundreds of other activities. It is lightweight and easily transportable.

It goes along with a generic Sport Berkey portable water purifier bottle that is perfect for when you are out on the trail, and the Go Berkey system works perfectly for passive purification back at the campsite, lodge, etc.

  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Storage capacity of about 1 quart (.95 liters)
  • Upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 10" in height
  • Maximum Filters: One Black Berkey Purification Element (upper chamber)
  • Kit includes: upper and lower stainless steel chambers, 1 Black Berkey Purification Element, 1 wingnut, 1 washer, 1 priming button, 1 stainless steel lid,  1 Generic Sport Berkey Bottle (22 oz.), vinyl carrying case and Black Berkey Primer
  • Height when in use: 14"
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs empty
  • Serves: 1 or 2 people
  • Maximum Filtration Flow Rate: Configured with 1 Black Berkey Purification Element, the Go Berkey Kit can produce up to one gallon (3.8 liters) of purified drinking water per hour
  • Each Black Berkey Filter is designed to purify approximately 3,000 gallons of water before needing replacement
  • Not compatible with Berkey PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements

This system comes standard with the following:

  • Go Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filter
  • Black Berkey Filter
  • Sport Berkey Bottle (22 oz.)
  • Vinyl Carrying Case
  • Upper and lower chambers
  • 1 Black Berkey Purification Element
  • 1 wingnut
  • 1 washer
  • 1 priming button
  • 1 stainless steel lid
  • Black Berkey Primer

 The Go Berkey system uses the highly powerful Black Berkey filter that removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes.

It also reduces unhealthy heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Like the other systems, this system is powerful enough to remove red food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs.

It does do an excellent job of filtering out toxins and delivering a superior, great tasting drinking water.

More About the GO Berkey Kit:

Capacity 1 Quart (.95 Liters / .25 Gallon)
Diameter 4"
Filter Capacity 1 Black Berkey Filter (Fluoride filters too large for this system)
Flow Rate 1 Gallon (3.5 Liters) per hour
Height 14"
Portability The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 10" in height
Serves 1 or 2 people
Weight 2.4 lbs empty
NOTE Not compatible with Berkey PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters


Berkey Water Filters can remove: 

  • Fluoride - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Viruses – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Lead - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Arsenic - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Iron - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Mercury - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chlorine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Trihalomethane(THMs) – Removed to greater than 99.8%.
  • Bisphenol-A - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chloramines - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Removed to greater than 99.5%.
  • Petroleum Contaminants - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Methylcyclohexane-methane - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pesticides - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Heavy Metals - Removed to greater than 99.1%.
  • Coliform and e-Coli - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Atrazine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Uranium - Removed to greater than 97.0%.
  • Gross Alpha emitters - Removed to greater than 98.7%.


See the complete list of contaminants that Berkey Water filter reduced/removed and the Laboratory Results of our filters.

***Does not ship to Iowa.

Go Berkey Kit, Water Filter On the Go

Some may think that the best and the healthier way to trump the tap water problem is through water bottle, but the truth is that we actually have no good reason to resort to drinking a bottled water.

Aside from the fact that bottled water is not regulated, they are also quite expensive and according to EPA, it is not necessarily safer than tap water.

Bottled water also does not help with our environmental problems since about ⅔ of those bottles end up being thrown in landfills and oceans polluting the water and poisoning the wildlife.

The best way to beat the safety problem that we are facing with drinking water is through an effective water filtration system.

Berkey Water Filters
A Berkey water filter is very powerful that it has been classified as a purifier, that shows that Berkey has exceeded the abilities that are standard for a water filter.

Berkey is also the most adaptable and flexible water filtering system that is available. Berkey water filters are revolutionary, and there are no other filters that can compare to its filtering ability.

Berkey has also designed water filters that could cater to the need of families or groups of different sizes, and also for different reasons and situations.

Most of the Berkey water filters available are actually very versatile that they can be used for home use, but they could also be taken outdoors, for camping or for traveling.

But Berkey knows that the quality of water that you consume at home is also as important when you are outside when you are at work or when you are at school, that is why they designed the Go Berkey Kit.

Go Berkey Kit
The Go Berkey Kit was designed to be the ultimate outdoor water partner, and you can use it for work, school when you travel, go backpacking, hiking or camping.

The Sports Berkey is the one that uses when you are on the go when you are out and about, but the Go Berkey System is ideal as a passive purification system when you are just staying in one place.

The Go Berkey Kit can also be a big help in time of emergency, just like other Berkey water filter, it can purify treated water and water from an untreated and natural source.

The Go Berkey Kit was made with 304 highly polished AISI stainless steel, and it is also complete with one Black Berkey purification element, and it can store .95 liters or one quart of water.

It weighs 2.4 pounds, so it is very easily to bring along with you anywhere you go, and it was built as the perfect partner for people on the go.

Since the Go Berkey Kit has been configured with one Black Berkey purification element, it can actually purify up to one Gallon or 3.8 liters of water per hour, that is equal to 24 gallons of clean and safe water per day if you will refill the system continuously.

Just because it is smaller than most Berkey water filter does not mean that is has a less superior purification system, it can still remove 99.99% of contaminants from your drinking water like pathogenic bacteria, parasites, viruses, cysts, VOCs, heavy metals and other substances that can be harmful when ingested.

Please note that the Go Berkey cannot hold a fluoride filter because it is too small.
The Go Berkey Kit is in a neat size, and so it is very easy to pack along when you are on the go.

When traveling, having a Go Berkey by your side is actually a great idea especially if you are not sure of the quality of the water in the place where you are heading to.

With the Go Berkey Kit, you can be sure that your drinking water is safe wherever you are.

Berkey Water Purification Product Lines and Water Filters

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Go Berkey® Kit with Black Berkey Primer™

The 1 quart Go Berkey® Kit comes standard with 1 Black Berkey® Purification Element, and is ideal for 1-2 people for everyday use.

● Holds up to 1 quart of purified water

● Includes 1 Black Berkey® Purification Element

● System is 4" in diameter x 14" in height

● Shipping weight: approximately 4 lbs.

● AISI 304 stainless steel construction

● Not compatible with Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements Included in the box:

● Upper and lower stainless steel chambers

● 1 Black Berkey® Purification Element

● Sport Berkey® Bottle (22 oz.)

● Vinyl carrying case

● 1 stainless steel lid

● 1 wing nut, 1 washer

● Black Berkey Primer™

● 1 priming button

Berkey® stainless steel chambers are assembled in the USA from US and imported parts. The Black Berkey® Purification Elements, the Black Berkey Primer™ and the Sport Berkey® bottles are made and assembled in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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GO Berkey Kit w/ Black Primer and Water Bottle

This Berkey water filter is great! It's the perfect size for camping or for my prepper bag. I totally understand the limitations in that it cannot accept the white filter, too. That would be my only negative, if I had one. This is great. I am very tempted to get 2 more -- one for my emergency bag and one for my office desk. I love the bag that comes with it to make it easily packable and portable. It will need to be refilled several times per day, but that's perfect for someone on the go or for when you're just relaxing/camping and have all the time in the world.

GO Berkey Kit with Black Berkey Primer

Excellent product! The whole family uses it.


I have used Berkey for years at home. Recently ordered the GoBerkey for traveling. It is much smaller than anticipated & will take several refills to obtain enough water for myself & pets per day. I am also disappointed that arsenic & fluoride aren't filtered out but understand it is too small for both filters. With that said, I still will not drink unfiltered water so my GoBerkey gets 4 stars & a thumbs up.

Smaller than I expected

The travel Berkey was quite a bit smaller than I expected but it turns out to work just fine.

The Berkey

Should have done this years ago! I love both of these units. I have well water, that is all that I drink. The Travel Berkey is just enough for me. If it becomes necessary to use my Bug Out Berkey it will be my go filter in the field.