Stainless Blocking Rubber Plug
The Berkey

Blocking Rubber Plugs (Set of 2) For All Berkey Systems

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  • Rubber plugs for blocking unused filter holes in the upper chamber of the Berkey Systems
  • Set of 2 Plugs
  •  These plugs fit all system sizes, including Lights, and will be used in all systems. 

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Fit nicely.

Allyn McGillicuddy (Reno, US)
Rubber plugs

I use these plugs for my Berkee filter. It has 2 chambers, with filters for filtering tap water in each chamber. The filters in the top vessel filter out one set of substances that may be harmful, and the filters in the bottom section then remove a different set of substances. The result is purified water for drinking and cooking.
The goal for me is to avoid ingesting substances that may not be harmful to most people, but are potentially harmful for me. These substances may trigger an autoimmune reaction, which can then contribute to one or more unfavorable outcomes. One of the functions of the immune system is to protect the body by responding to invading microorganisms, such as viruses or bacteria, so that may seem to be a favorable outcome.

However, when the body senses danger from a virus or infection, the immune system kicks into gear and attacks it. This is called an immune response. Sometimes, healthy cells and tissues are caught up in this response, resulting in autoimmune disease.

Daniel Teige (Nashville, US)
Works like a charm

The plugs work great