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Crown Berkey Water Filter - 6 Gallons

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The Crown Berkey is the largest model, so it can be used for providing pure drinking water to a large number of people (up to 150). May it be at home, churches, hospitals orphanages, outdoor activities, or during unexpected emergencies. The Crown Berkey is made of high-quality stainless steel.

*Due to state regulations, we are currently not shipping this product to California or Iowa.

  • The Crown Berkey System comes standard with two Black Berkey Purification Elements but can be expanded up to 4, 6, or 8 elements
  • The Crown Berkey System is our largest system and is ideal for large groups at home, churches, hospitals, outdoor activities, and during unexpected emergencies
  • Constructed of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel 
  • Storage capacity of about 6 gallons (22.7 liters)
  • Upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 20" in height
  • Maximum Filters: 8 Black Berkey Purification Elements (in upper chamber)
  • System includes upper and lower stainless steel chamber, 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (expandable to 4, 6, or 8), 1 stainless steel lid, 1 spigot, 2 wingnuts, 2 washers, 1 priming button, 6 blocking plugs, 1 rubber gasket to protect the base
  • Height when in use: 30"
  • Diameter: 11"
  • Weight: 12 lbs empty
  • For normal everyday use, this system easily serves: 6-12 people
  • Fully configured, this system can serve up to 300-625 people a day, during an emergency
  • Each Black Berkey Filter is designed to purify approximately 3,000 gallons of water before needing replacement; 2 filters in a Berkey system will purify approximately 6,000 gallons of water before replacement is recommended
  • Maximum Filtration Flow Rate:
    • Configured with 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Crown Berkey System can purify up to 6.5 gallons (24.6 liters) of purified water per hour
    • Configured with 8 Black Berkey Purification Elements, the Crown Berkey® System can purify up to 26 gallons (98.4 liters) of purified water per hour


This system comes standard with the following:

  • Upper and lower stainless steel chambers
  • 2 Black Berkey Purification Elements (expandable to 4, 6, or 8)
  • 1 stainless steel lid
  • 1 spigot
  • 2 wingnuts
  • 2 washers
  • 1 priming button
  • 6 blocking plugs
  • 1 rubber gasket to protect the base

This system can have up to 8 Black Berkey elements. The maximum filtration capacity of the filter is 26 gallons per hour.

Its powerful system purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, and water supplies in foreign countries.

Also, this system removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222, and trihalomethanes.

It also reduces nitrates, nitrites, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury. This system is so powerful it can remove food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system can duplicate this performance.


More About the Crown Berkey:


6 gallons (17 liters)

Diameter 11"
Filter Capacity

Up to 8 Black Berkey (upper) + 8 Fluoride Filters (lower)

Flow Rate 6.5 Gallons per hour under regular use conditions when starting full. Max Filtration Flow Rate up to 16.5 Gallons per hour (6 Elements)
Height 31” (Includes lid and knob)

The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 20” in height.

Serves 6-12+ People normal everyday use
Fully configured, this system can serve up to 300-625 people a day, during an emergency
Weight 12 lbs empty
Fluoride Removal

Up to 8 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Filters may be installed in the lower chamber of this system if desired.

Berkey Water Filters can remove: 

  • Fluoride - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Viruses – Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Lead - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Arsenic - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Iron - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Mercury - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chlorine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Trihalomethane(THMs) – Removed to greater than 99.8%.
  • Bisphenol-A - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Chloramines - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Removed to greater than 99.5%.
  • Petroleum Contaminants - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Methylcyclohexane-methane - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Pesticides - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Heavy Metals - Removed to greater than 99.1%.
  • Coliform and e-Coli - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Atrazine - Removed to greater than 99.9%.
  • Uranium - Removed to greater than 97.0%.
  • Gross Alpha emitters - Removed to greater than 98.7%. 

Key points on the Black Berkey Purification Elements:

  • A leader in gravity-fed water purification
  • Its formulation has been tested by State, and EPA-accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53
  • Re-cleanable and self-sterilizing during the life of the element
  •  2 Black Berkey elements will purify approximately 6,000 gallons of water before replacement is recommended
  • Berkey elements are designed not to remove beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Elements come with a 2-year, prorated warranty

Click here for a complete list of contaminants that Berkey Water filter reduced/removed and the Laboratory Results of our filters.

***Does not ship to California or Iowa.

Crown Berkey for More Water Needs:

Most municipal water utilities use chlorine in treating their drinking water since it is very effective in killing bacteria. It is also easy to use and inexpensive.

But even though chlorine is a very good water disinfectant, it can make the drinking water taste and smell very unpleasant, and it can also react with some organic substances that are also in the water to form a hazardous compound.

Water filters can help purify your drinking water, removing these impurities can make the water very safe to drink while also improving how it smells or tastes.

The Water Filter that You Should Get

Our water filters provide the most effective removal of waterborne contaminants. Our products are now used all over the world, in fact, because of their efficiency in filtering drinking water, it has been set as the international standard for water filters that can be used either in a clean or a hostile environment.

Berkey Water Filter systems are available in several models of different kinds. Each of these models was built with a specific guideline and a group size in mind.

The Crown Berkey Water Filter

The Crown Berkey is the biggest water filter system that is available in the line of Berkey water filters. This water filter is very versatile, it is ideal to serve as a water purifier on your kitchen countertop, but it could also be used for outdoor activity and even for emergency situations.

This Berkey water purifier can immediately provide you with filtered water; it can purify both treated and untreated raw water. It was built with 304 polished stainless steel, and it has an attractive and durable body.

This water filtering system consists of two Black Berkey purifying elements that can be upgraded to up to four, six, or eight purifying elements.

It can store up to 6 gallons or 22.7 liters of water, and for normal daily use, it can serve 6 to 12 people, but when it is fully configured, the Crown Berkey can serve 300 to 625 people.

The water purifier of the Crown Berkey does not simply filter drinking water, but it removes 99.99% of pathogens, heavy metals, and other substances that can be dangerous or hazardous to health, or cause a bad smell or taste to the water.

With the Crown Berkey, you won’t need electricity or water pressure to get clean and pure water, and it uses the natural pressure of the water in the filtering system and gravity so that water can pass through the micropores of its purification elements.

A water filter that does not depend on the pressurized water of electricity is one of the most important parts of emergency preparedness. It can purify treated water and even untreated water fast and based on the number of Black Berkey purifying elements that are configured into it, and it can serve a big number of people.

Berkey water filters were also designed to last, they will be around for a long time, and it will serve you thousands of gallons of water.

The Crown Berkey water filter is also disaster ready, which is why it was built to purify water at such a fast and powerful rate. But the Berkey water filter system is also very versatile and flexible, and you may find a Crown Berkey as a great household tool.

Berkey Water Purification Product Lines and Water Filters

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Kate (Clearwater, US)
Crown Berkey

This was our third Berkey purchase.
We use our travel tank every time we go on a trip. Really is a life saver in hotels with 3 kiddos.
We recently swapped our Royal Berkey for the Crown and are super happy.
Full tank lasts our family of 5 around 3 days before having to be refilled. We use it for everything. Coffee, tee, water bottles, pet water bowls, boiling veggies, etc.
Love our Berkeys!

Barbara Whitaker (Portland, US)

Very happy, just a small dent. Nothing real noticeable.

Judy Frazer (Montgomery, US)
5th Berkey addition to our family

Trust this filter system and really enjoy the taste of the water knowing that it is pure. We have every family member using one now!! Our precious doggies drink only filtered water also.

Thomas Ronsick
Great Upgrade

We bought the Crown Berkey after having the much smaller Travel model for a year. We found out that we used more of the filtered water than anticipated and needed the big unit.
The Crown Berkey is working well for us and we now have lots of filtered water!

w (Columbia, US)
Great deal

Bought the blemished model. Has a dent but almost can’t tell it don’t belong. And if it’s facing the wall you can’t even see it. Works great! Went with the 6 gallon!

Karen Clarke (Bowie, US)
Shows no sign of damage

I'm so glad I purchased this damaged Berkey. There are no signs of damage. Love my Berkey!!!

S.D. (Camas, US)
Great Product

Love my Berkey water filtration system. Easy to set up and use and the water tastes excellent. Worth every penny!

Glenn Rothenhauser (Warren, US)
Good proactive move

While we felt that we did not need the system right now, due to the good water quality in our area, we wanted to be ready for a problem that may pop up.
The system is very good and is used every day and, we feel, is a great value. Even our grandson enjoys filling the water dishes for the pets. The value is well worth the cost and gives us a great piece of mind, should the water system fail us. It is great to be proactive.

Maggie W (Falmouth, US)
Bigger than expected and Perfect for our family of 6

I loved the idea of having one of these to protect my family from the contaminated water we’d be exposed to on a daily basis. I love that it’s portable although we did buy the biggest Berkey there is, we absolutely love it and have been more than satisfied with our purchase. We’ve already recommended the Berkey to all of our friends and family and it’s already been well worth the purchase price as our kids love how refreshing and crisp and clean the water taste is that they keep coming back for more throughout the day. I used to have to make them get water to stay hydrated and now I’ll see my little ones go without being told and refill all day long. I know our family is protected and that gives me peace of mind. Hands down I’d purchase this unit over and over again. Hoping to get a travel Berkey next so we can take it camping with us. You won’t be disappointed!! Best investment in your families health!! Well worth the money!!

Michelle Davidson (Fort Belvoir, US)
Best purchase in a long time!

Thank you Berkey!! My family of 8 is loving our new Berkey! It’s the perfect size for our family. After going through so many different water filter systems, this one has beaten them all! Every time my husband refills his water bottle, he comments on what an amazing purchase this was for our family.

We are a military family, and have lived many places with questionable water sources. The Berkey has removed all concerns I’ve had over the past 20 years of service. The next purchase will be a Berkey for my father in law who just decided to live off the grid.

Thank you Berkey!!!!!