Bottled Water Facts and History

Bottled Water Facts and History
Water is and always will be an essential gift Mother Nature bestowed to nurture her children. Come to think of it, water had been around since the Earth is created, but how did water evolve and ended up in a bottle?

The Chronicle of the Commencement of Bottled Water

Since the beginning of human civilization, water was placed on vessels such as sacs made out of animal skins meant to hold water for traveling. The water bottling only began at the Holly Well dated back in 1621 in the United Kingdom, and since then, bottled water has sparked to higher demand.

Dated back in the 16th century, bottled water was used at spas as a therapy. Since one of the water sources is spring water, people thought that bottled water contains minerals and has therapeutic effects that help relieve diseases and other ailments.

Bottling water had popularized since then, and the creation of carbonated water that imitates the enthusiasm of spring water boomed.

Bottled water was also an alternative for certain municipalities to be used as drinking water since the local water supplies were contaminated with pathogens that are the major cause of ailments. Due to this, water filtration and purification processes were created.

The Kickoff of Water Filtration and Purification

Since the creation of bottled water and the knowledge that water is always contaminated by pathogens and is one of the major causes of illnesses in the family and community, the filtration processes were created to decrease, or better yet, inhibit the occurrence of certain diseases caused by water contamination such as cholera and typhoid. 

To avoid such diseases, what most families did back then to kill the pathogens in water was to boil it to a higher temperature that sometimes doesn’t give you that good taste.

However, there is no guarantee that these pathogens are killed, and the only way to assure you of safety is to filter and purify your drinking water to its potable state without the presence of microorganisms.

Filtration and purification usually have different stages and processes. Some use chemicals and radiation to kill and remove bacteria, and some use ionization and oxidation, a much safer way to do the same action.

These processes ensure that no sediments, pathogens, chemical and pharmaceutical agents are present in drinking water.

Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

There are a lot of benefits to drinking purified water. This is usually found in bottled water. Filtered and potable, bottled water goes through different processes.

Though there are different kinds of water stored in bottles, some have minerals, some are alkaline, some are flavored, and some are carbonated; they all undergo the same process.

Bottled Water Facts and History

Here are a few advantages and benefits of drinking purified water:

  • Free from disease-causing pathogens
  • Clear from turbidity and sediments
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • A great source of minerals
  • It makes you look younger
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Free from chemical and pharmaceutical toxins
  • Cleanses the body from toxins
  • It helps regulate bodily functions

These are just a few advantages and benefits of drinking purified water. If you think it through, water had been commercialized to be safe for use when the truth is you can purify water at the comfort of your home.

Filtering Water at the Comfort of Your Home

Consumers purchase water filtering systems by shopping around to compare water filtering devices to make sure that they’ll purchase the best one and make sure that the family drinks clean and safe water.

Though some water filters filter sediments and particles from water, it still isn’t safe to drink, for indeed no turbidity is perceived in the filtered water, yet pathogens remain and can still cause ailments.

The fact of the matter is, you want to give your family the best and safest drinking water.

Though bottled water is one of the most consumed and safest water to drink, it is expensive to buy bottled water every time you want a sip, and the containers are waste products that can harm the environment.

Nowadays, several portable water filtering systems can be used at home.

These water filtering systems can give you the cleanest and potable water you can drink in the comfort of your home with the safe process that bottled water undergoes, assuring you that you and your family are free from pathogens that can cause disease and toxicity.

A Water Filtering System That Gives You the Purest Drinking Water

Bottled Water Facts and History

Since bottled water is rampant nowadays, you want to make sure that by the time you purchase a water filtering device to be used at home, it will have the same capacity to filter and purify your drinking water as that of bottled water.

Some water filters can filter drinking water to its cleanest state; however, they don’t last for long. And there are water filtering devices that are only good in the advertisement but then by the time you use it, and it doesn’t give the water quality that you have been expecting the product to dispense.

Well, the good news is, Berkey can give you the guarantee and quality that lasts a lifetime that other water filters are lacking.

With the use of Berkey Water Filter, you have the assurance that your drinking water at home is purified in its most potable state without any residue and haziness that is naturally present in water.

You can ensure yourself that the drinking water at home is purified in the safest way possible without the presence of any pathogens, chemicals, and other sediments.

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