Health Benefits of Lemon Water and Amazing Facts

Health Benefits of Lemon Water and Amazing Facts

Many of us spend hours looking for a solution for a healthy and balanced diet. As well as a non-painful way to aid you in losing weight. Consider this your lucky day because you just came to the perfect page to give you all this information, lemon water benefits. We bring you the different amazing benefits of drinking lemon water. 

The Beauty of Lemons and How They are Needed for the Body

Lemon itself has a lot of health benefits to give a person. Lemons contain a healthy amount of Vitamin C that helps improve your health and enhance your beauty. It has this rejuvenating effect that brings out the glow in a person's aura. 

Aside from containing Vitamin C, the lemon also provides more nutritional elements to the body. Namely, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and protein.

All these vitamins and minerals make lemon the perfect addition to a health journey. It just not keeps you calm and relaxes upon drinking a glass of it. But, it also helps your body to fight against unnecessary infections. 

The Importance of Water in the Body

Water is, without a doubt, a vital necessity of the body for numerous reasons. First, it hydrates the body and keeps our body and skin nourished every day. Second, it cleanses and detoxifies our overall body. Lastly, the body uses water to regulate body temperature and maintain various bodily functions. 

The Power of Lemon Water

Health Benefits of Lemon Water and Amazing Facts

Given the individual powers of both the lemon and water, it is safe to say that these two combines make a great power boost for the body. One glass of lemon water contains less than 20 calories. It makes the perfect morning drink because it helps the digestive system to function well. As well as, it also helps in eliminating waste or toxins in the body easily. 

Drinking lemon water has been very well-known to help lose weight. Due to its heavy impact on the stomach, it helps us to lessen our calorie intake. Thus, resulting from shedding off a few extra pounds by the day. Aside from its super helpful effect on weight loss, lemon water has many different benefits to offer. Listed below are interesting and amazing facts and benefits of lemon water in the body. 

How does Lemon Waterwork in Weight Loss?

Let us first try to discuss how water itself aids in losing weight. There was a study conducted and published in 2010 regarding the topic of weight loss. It showed how people who drank two cups of water before a meal achieved losing weight more than those who do not—drinking two glasses of water before every meal helps a person get full easily. Hence, the consumption of food becomes little. 

Now, lemons also provide personal effects on weight loss too. Polyphenols, plant chemicals in lemons, aids in body fat reduction. In 2008, a study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition had proven this fact about Polyphenols. However, the main subject of the study was animals. They followed up some research if the same effects happen to humans as well. Fortunately, it does. 

Another study published in 2006 showed the advantage of having higher Vitamin C levels in a person. Vitamin C plays a great role in losing weight. People who have lower levels of Vitamin C were found to burn fat ineffectively during a workout session. In addition, one lemon contains 25% of a person's daily Vitamin C needs. Therefore, it can be concluded that a daily intake of lemon juice can help you lose weight and improve your health

One pound is equivalent to approximate 3,500 calories. Substituting other beverages for lemon water can help reduce a person's calorie count. For example, instead of regularly drinking cola or a soda every after a meal, try to replace it with lemon water. It does not only provide great health benefits, but it also gradually decrease your calorie count.

15 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Health Benefits of Lemon Water and Amazing Facts

1. Improves the Immune System

Lemon Water is rich in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that helps the body fight off illnesses and infections. One of which is, it can help cure common colds.

Lemon Water also contains pectin fiber that is proven to improve a person's colon health. It also serves as a very effective antibacterial regimen. Regular intake of lemon water can eventually prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the body.

2. Balances and Maintains pH levels in the Body

Lemon is a well-known citrus fruit. They are considered acidic on their own, but if taken inside the body, it becomes alkaline. If a lemon juice fully metabolizes and spreads its nutrients in the bloodstream, alkalizing effects happen. Thus, it raises the pH of body tissues. If the pH level is seven or higher, you, then, achieve an alkaline body. All health-conscious gurus can attest that an alkaline body is a great indicator of good health.

3. Detoxifies the Body

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning is a health boost. For the reason that it helps flush out toxins inside the body and regulates bowel movement. Moreover, it acts as a natural diuretic because it helps increase the urination rate. Which eventually leads to a healthier urinary tract. 

It helps improve the digestive system of the body, which encourages the production of bile as well.

4. Dissolves One's Uric Acid

Uric acid is a chemical produced when your body breaks down an organic chemical called Purines. If you find yourself suffering from joints and knees inflammation, then lemon water will be your best friend. Since it is a good factor for dissolving one's uric acid, it would help reduce the pain as your knees and joints experience inflammation.

5. Nourishes the Brain and Nerve Cells

Lemon Water contains sufficient content of potassium. Potassium is proved to have a significant role and effects on the brain and nerve cells. Your brain can function best to its fullest potential when your potassium levels are high and stabilized. For the brain to function well, it needs a sufficient amount of oxygen. A great source to supply your brain with oxygen is to intake more potassium. 

To achieve the best results and proper bodily functions, ensure to consume at least 3.5 grams of potassium a day. One food that is rich in potassium and will keep you craving for more is bananas. 

6. Strengthens the Liver

Lemon water provides an ample amount of energy to the enzymes of a liver, especially when they are too dilute. It balances the oxygen and calcium levels in the liver whenever experiencing heartburns. So, if ever you might suffer from heartburn, always remember to drink concentrated lemon water. This is to give relief from the pain.

7. Enhances the Beauty

It has been tested and proven that Lemon water can also be a beauty regimen. Also, because it helps greatly eliminate toxins and waste, drinking lemon water regularly can improve and benefit your skin, making it look more nourished and glow-y. As well as, it prevents the build-up of acne and the formation of wrinkles.

8. Hydrates the Body Incredibly Well

Many people engage themselves in working out and working out leads to a lot of sweating. Lemon Water is just perfect for replenishing body salts and hydrating yourself back after an intense exercise. When the body reaches the state of dehydration, it is bound to make the body not function effectively. Various dehydration effects will occur, such as waste build-up, constipation, stress, and a lot more to name. 

Above our kidneys, we can find two tiny glands that are called Adrenals. Adrenals help provide energy to the body and secrete hormones called Aldosterone. Aldosterone is one of the important hormones that contribute to proper bodily functions. It is responsible for water level regulation and mineral concentration which keeps you hydrated. 

9. Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking lemon water before meals and replacing it with your regular beverage intake will result in weight loss. Although not all in one, lemon water is a major key to helping you out on your weight loss journey. Its high levels of pectin fiber help you to fight off against hunger for a long period. 

10. Fights Off Cancer

Lemons have high levels of antioxidants which, as mentioned before, keep you looking younger. Because of its ability to help reduce the aging process, it also reduces the growth of cancer cells. 

11. Brings You in a Positive State

Drinking lemon water incredibly helps you develop a more positive and happy mood. Since lemon is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C is found to be a great mood enhancer. Thus, it makes a great stress reliever and could potentially alleviate depression.

12. An Effective Healer

Lemon water has a great effect on the healing process of broken tissues, bones, and cartilages. The reason behind this power is its anti-inflammatory components. Especially if it is combined with other minerals and nutrients, it can double the healing process and recovery stage. It is beneficial in curing stress and body injuries.

13. Amazing Breath-freshener

Lemon carries a very citrus and fresh scent that can help freshen up your breath. It does not only give you a refreshing scent of breath, but it also aids various mouth or teeth problems. Such as gingivitis and relieving toothaches. 

When and How Should you Drink Lemon Water?

Health Benefits of Lemon Water and Amazing Facts

One of the best practices in drinking lemon water is to start your day with it. First thing in the morning, right after you wake, you can drink lemon water. It does not only helps your digestive system, but it will also clean and detoxify your body. Then, wait for 30 minutes before eating your first meal of the day. This ensures that your body will get the most out of the nutrients from the food you will eat.

It is safe to drink lemon water on an empty stomach. It brings about great effects when it comes to regularizing your bowel movement and urination. 

Indeed, lemon water may look and sound simple, but its effects on the body are incredibly significant. Regular consumption of this health-boosting drink will, indeed, bring about positive effects in the long run. It will leave you feeling and looking great. As well, it might even boost up your confidence in yourself. 

There you have it, different benefits of lemon water to the body and health. A little side note, lemon can cause harm to the teeth' enamel. Therefore, it is best advised to drink it fully diluted and to rinse your mouth afterward. 

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