Does Berkey Water Filter Remove Iron From Drinking Water?

Does Berkey Water Filter Remove Iron From Drinking Water

Iron is a chemical element and the first metal in the transition series. It is the most common element on Earth as it forms the Earth’s outer and inner core. The chemical symbol for Iron is Fe and its atomic number 26. Iron plays a major role Biologically and pathologically. It is practically found in all living organisms.

Our bodies need iron for many purposes. It helps our muscles use and store oxygen that can help alleviate fatigue. It is part of enzymes and metabolizes protein. The most important role that it plays is being part of the hemoglobin in our blood, responsible for distributing oxygen throughout the body, especially our lungs. Therefore, an iron deficiency can lead to serious blood-related conditions.

Lack of iron may lead to anemia in which the body cannot produce sufficient red blood cells than the average needs. This deficiency is characterized by tiredness, dizziness, lack of alertness and energy. It may also include cramps, chest pain, and shortness of breath. The condition is treatable, but if neglected, may cause more serious complications like heart damage or even cancer.

Iron deficiency is a condition where a body lacks iron. This is due to not absorbing enough amount of iron needed from the food that we consume. There is also another possible reason as to why our body may have an insufficient supply of iron. Situations include internal bleeding, ulcer, heavy menstrual bleeding, and going through a menopause stage for women. As well as suffering from some diseases of the small intestine.

Effects of Iron on a Person's Health

Does Berkey Water Filter Remove Iron From Drinking Water

Hemochromatosis is a condition where a patient has an overload of iron in its body. The body absorbs too much iron from the food intake. This condition will give the patient bronze skin and cause damage to the pancreas, liver, heart, other organs, and cancer. Reduction therapy is the treatment best suited for patients that have this kind of condition. A doctor may recommend regular blood donation and will prescribe specific drugs.

A diet specifically designed for this condition should involve eating food that is not rich in iron. A healthy individual usually absorbs only 10% of iron from food. Vitamin C should also be lessened if not avoided since it helps in iron absorption. Limiting and completely avoiding alcoholic beverages will greatly help. Alcohol is very notorious to our liver, the organ that stores most of our iron supply.

Alzheimer’s disease remains a mystery. Moreover, research is being conducted to find out more information, particularly, to treat the condition. This disease is still strongly linked to a body having high levels of iron. An excessive amount of iron produces more free radicals that damage brain neurons. As the body continually absorbs and stores high amounts of iron, more brain neurons are damaged over time and to irreversible memory loss.

There are also a lot of undesirable effects of consuming iron more than what is needed. These minor effects are usually taken for granted. Absorbing too much iron may cause you to vomit, feeling nauseous, constipated, and feeling mild neurological pain along with an upset stomach. There is a lot in our population with too much iron than those who have less than our body needs.

Functions and Sources of Iron

The amount of iron absorbed from our diet depends on a lot of factors. These factors include the iron in your storage. It means that if you still have enough amount of iron stored, your body will likely absorb less amount from your food intake. And the reverse can be said, and if you have low storage on iron, your body will likely absorb more from your food.

There are two types of iron that we absorb. Heme iron comes from meat, poultry, seafood, and fish products. Non-Heme iron has fortified cereal, tofu, and spinach as its good source.

Pregnant women and children are rapidly growing need to absorb more iron than others because they are at a stage the body needs it more. Athletes undergoing endurance training and participating in endurance sports also need to have more iron in their system.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin C help our body better absorb iron. There are a lot of food varieties that are an abundant source of vitamin C. It is usually present in almost all fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A helps our body use the stored iron in our liver. Papayas and leafy greens are good sources of both vitamin A and C. 

Coffee and tea, food that contains tannin-like grains, and legumes like soybeans help us absorb less iron. 

Another thing to be careful of is the water that you drink daily. Water is essentially a vital need for everyone. Water shows a high level of iron contaminants. Particularly an iron that could not benefit the health of a person. So it is best to ensure a water filtering system that can give you the assurance and safety you need.

Does the Berkey Water Filter Remove Iron?

Does Berkey Water Filter Remove Iron From Drinking Water?

Berkey Water Filter proves to be the most quality, efficient and affordable water filter available in the market. This specific claim comes from years of research and satisfying users. It can effectively remove chemicals and heavy poison that a water source may have. These include pharmaceutical waste products, lead, and even iron.

Berkey Water Filters does not only do simple cleaning mechanisms. It does both of the necessary water methods to achieve safe and drinkable water. It is designed to both filtrate and purifies the water. This means the higher the chances that it guarantees you healthy drinking water.

Berkey Water Filters uses microspores and carbon filters. It has proved to be very effective in removing iron from the water source. This will also make water smell and taste clean so one can enjoy freely consuming it.

There are potential water sources that contain more iron than others. Berkey can remove these iron sediments and make the water safe for consumption regardless of the amount. Our body needs iron, but an excessive amount will pose more health hazards than the other way around. 

So, better be safe than feel sorry and regret everything afterward. Berkey Filters will surely give you the best service a water filtering system can ever offer.

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