Estrogen In Drinking Water: How To Remove It?

Estrogen In Drinking Water How To Remove It

For the past years, Scientists believe that there are chemicals found in the drinking water which do not naturally belong there. With several tests on the tap water and the observation of the ill effects of the fishes in the rivers, experts have proven that indeed the condition of water sources is becoming alarming.

In one case, it has been found out that the water source is now contaminated by estrogen. Fishes do now have male and female sexual organs. Now, the male fishes’ fertility has decreased until the freshwater fish species have been extinguished.

Thus, this article aims to explain the drinking water conditions we have today. This will unveil if whether or not the water has estrogen and other hormones on it.

Also, this will tackle the remedies available in eliminating harmful hormones in the water and make it safe for consumption for the whole family is.

The Presence of Estrogen in the Water

In 2012, researchers found out that it would take around 30 billion Euros to eliminate estradiol in the water.

Estradiol is a type of estrogen. According to studies, more than 2.5 billion women are using contraceptive pills, flush down at the toilets and into the water supply.

Furthermore, scientists have found out that 80% of this hormone in more than 50 sites underwent tests.

The water suppliers, individual households, and authorities are not keen on the clean-up efforts of concerned agencies. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industries are very active in fighting against the issue for fear of decreasing global sales in the market.

There are studies in the United States and Europe that show the water to be positive in pharmaceuticals. These include ACE inhibitors, antidepressants, antibiotics, beta-blockers, carbamazepine, fibrates, painkillers, and tranquilizers.

Also, there are alarming amounts of antidepressants in the brains of several freshwater fishes. Indeed, finding synthetic health can be a little bit pricey.

Hormones and Pharmaceuticals

Nowadays, several experts are worried more about hormones versus general pharmaceuticals. This is because one needs to have high concentrations of medication before one gets affected. However, with hormones, even small amounts can have an impact on the body.

On the other hand, experts have warned the public that this is not always true. Yes, hormones can affect the body even at low levels compared to pharmaceuticals. However, when one consumes drinking water contaminated with drugs for decades, it can still be harmful to the body.

For example, if you drink around three liters of tap water with drug contamination each day, one can more likely consume the same amount of a prescribed dose in one lifetime.

Estrogen In Drinking Water How To Remove It

Indeed, researchers can now understand the effects of the prescribed dosage of medicine. However, they do not yet understand the permanent presence of drugs in the bloodstream.

Each generation, the consumption of synthetic medication tends to rise. As such, the number of drugs in the water will surely increase in the coming years.

Finally, the drugs that people consume in the water are now mixed with all others. Then, it creates a unique chemical that has not been studied by science.

Experts are now conducting several studies to prove if, indeed, the condition is harmless. Today, one cannot easily conclude that the chronic consumption of drugs in the water is safe.

Examples of Hormones in the Water

Estrogen is known as a group of steroid hormones that promote the maintenance and development of characteristics of the female body.

Estrogen appears in the drinking water in the form of estradiol. It is the most potent form of estrogen, and it can enter the water supply via contraceptive pill, which women excrete through urine or feces.

One health concern of the chronic consumption of this hormone is that it can affect the sexual development of pre-pubescent teenagers. The body of these groups of children relies much on the presence of the regulated amounts of female and male hormones to develop the appropriate sexual characteristics in the specific period.

Another health concern that can greatly affect men. With the water consumption contaminated with estrogen, they can develop more breast tissues versus their peers in the previous generations. With this, they can struggle with abnormal development and functioning of the prostate.

According to studies, these hormones can cause infertility in the fishes. As such, it can be possible that it can cause the same with humans.

Finally, some researchers show that the estrogen in drinking water can be responsible for the aggressive behavior of men.

A Very Active Hormone: Progesterone

Progesterone is a hormone being released by the female body organs. It helps in regulating the regular menstrual cycle. Also, it plays a crucial role in the development of the mammary glands. Furthermore, it stimulates the uterus, which prepares women during pregnancy. On the other hand, progesterone is also found in the body of males.

Among the multiple functions of progesterone, it also helps in the brain's normal development. It regulates the neurotransmission within the nervous system, fights inflammation, relaxes the body's muscles, helps regulate the release of insulin in the pancreas, and boosts the operation of serotonin brain receptors.

Indeed, the body tissues include high levels of progesterone receptors, making it a highly active hormone.

When used as a drug, progesterone is used to prevent pregnancy among women. It is also used by medical experts in inducing immediate abortion. Furthermore, progesterone as a drug is being used to treat the delay of menstruation, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Meanwhile, the effects of the high levels of this type of hormone need more studies since it is poorly understood. However, with the receptors and functions, the effects can be far-reaching.

The Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone also plays a major role in both female and male bodies. However, it occurs in large amounts among the male bodies since it aids in their physical development.

Testosterone plays in the protein synthesis in the body, just like in the muscle tissues. As such, female bodybuilders or weightlifters taking testosterone supplements can have a high risk of developing deeper voices and having some facial hair.

Furthermore, high levels of testosterone are known to cause to develop the risk-taking behavior of women and men. It can cause larger brains in men. Finally, testosterone was studied to be one of the major factors in causing anti-social behavior in men and women.

Today, the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all drugs that have progesterone on them must have a warning that states that it can cause pulmonary embolism and thrombosis.

For women, studies are being conducted if indeed testosterone can increase the chances of having cancer.

Glucocorticoids: Regulated for a Reason

Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones that include dexamethasone and cortisol. This group of hormones can support the immune system. Also, it aids in the body's absorption of blood glucose or also known as sugar. It acts on the brain in the generation of cognition and emotion but only in their required amounts as the body has regulated.

If there is an excessive amount of glucocorticoids, it can have serious adverse effects on the body. As such, it is strictly regulated, and it can be availed with prescription by physicians.

To verify, consult the side effects of the list of medicines, including cortisone, glucocorticoids, and cancer drugs.

Furthermore, glucocorticoids can cause diabetes and weight gain. With this, it can increase the body's resistance to insulin by stimulating the appetite and deposit fat in the body.

Furthermore, glucocorticoids can decrease the density of the bones and cause osteoporosis. It blocks the body’s absorption of calcium and impairs attention and memory. In addition, it compromises the body’s immune system by disallowing some of the cells from functioning. As such, it makes the body more susceptible to many kinds of body infections.

Indeed, glucocorticoids can compromise hormonal health. It can even lead to the loss of strength and the density of the body muscles.

As such, these hormones must not be excessively consumed without consent or a prescription from the physicians.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters and Activated Carbon Filters

One option in removing estrogen and other pharmaceuticals luring in the drinking water is using a reverse osmosis filter with post and pre-activated carbon filters. With this system, one is assured that the drinking water can be safe from harm and become sufficient.

Meanwhile, there is no need to install the system for the whole house since the water for cleaning and plumbing can come from a different source.

Regarding prevention, individuals can avoid flushing unused medications in the toilets and put them in the garbage instead.

Bottled Waters

Buying bottled water might not be the best solution. This is because bottled water sources can come from the municipal water supply or natural sources. Then, these sources can still be contaminated by the same substances through the soil where the hormones or other drugs have been drained.

According to studies, bottled water has 90% microplastics. As such, there are speculations on indeed how healthy bottled water can be.

The Berkey Water Filtration System

Estrogen In Drinking Water: How To Remove It?

The best solution is to invest in a water filtration system inside the house to prevent the occurrence of drugs and hormones in the drinking water.

One of the best water filters to have today is our Berkey Water Filtration System. Black Berkey® Elements dramatically reduce trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment, radiologicals, and more.

Take a look at some of our products at the Berkey Water Filtration System below:

Royal Berkey Water Filter

Estrogen In Drinking Water: How To Remove It?

The Royal Berkey Water Filter is one of our best-sellers of the Berkey Water Filtration System. This can be used both inside the home or outdoors. With this gravity water filter, one is assured that his drinking water is free from hormones and other pharmaceutical contamination.

It has a storage capacity of 3.25 gallons or around 12.3 liters of water. For normal use, our Royal Berkey can serve around 2 to 4 people.

The flow rate of our product can be 15.1 liters each hour, and it can be configured to use even up to 4 Black Berkey filters.

Grab yours now here!

Berkey Light Water Filter

Estrogen In Drinking Water: How To Remove It?

For a lightweight alternative, you can have our Berkey Light Water Filter instead. This product has a water capacity of 2.75 gallons or 10.4 liters, and it also features two Black Berkey filters.

The Berkey Light is made from a non-BPS or BPA copolyester. As such, it does not retain or leach any foul smell into the water. With its see-through style, one can quickly determine the amount of water in the upper container.

With normal use, it can serve around 1 to 5 people. During emergencies, it can even serve 100 to 200 people each day when fully configured.


In sum, to prevent water contamination with these hormones, make sure not to flush unwanted drugs in the toilet. For proper disposal, one can send back the expired or unused drugs to the local pharmacies.

Alternatively, one can throw them instead in the bin, Do this after removing the label, pounding/ crushing them, and mixing with the used grounds or kitty litter. As such, it can be incinerated in landfills.

You can also stop supporting the dairy and meat industry and switch instead to consuming a plant-based diet. Eat certified organic products or farm-reared animals.

Even though there is banning on the provision of growth hormones to farm animals that fatten them to make it marketable, all hormones have not been banned. Of course, with an exception to the organically-farmed livestock.

Moreover, big industries use huge quantities of hormones to treat millions of farm animals with infections. Ultimately, these drugs can end up in the source of the drinking water.

It is also best to invest in a water filtration system just like the Berkey Water Filters. With this, the whole family is protected from the ill effects of estrogen and other hormones in the drinking water.

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