Water Quality and Problems in Houston Texas

Water Quality and Problems in Houston Texas

Drinking water is a natural routine that we humans do every day. Knowing that water gives us so many health benefits in our body, we make sure not to miss even one glass of it a day. The cleanliness of the water around the world may differ from country to country or even between states.

Despite the difference, there is one sure thing, none of it is too clear that even a single harmful substance won’t exist. Many water issues are being faced by everyone around the world, but what are the specific issues?

Let’s look into the Houston, Texas’ water issues. 

Where Does The Water Come From

Houston Texas – The water quality in Houston, Texas, is dependent on the life cycle of raindrops. It could either fall on Houston’s stormwater system or a body of water that leads to Lake Houston.

From Lake Houston, the water is taken into the water treatment plant handled by the Drinking Water Operations under the Public Works and Engineering Department (PWE). After undergoing the treatment, the water is distributed to the resident’s homes and used for their chores, hygiene, necessities, and many more.

If it falls under the stormwater system, there is a management unit assigned by PWE to treat the rainwater.

Houston has low elevation, and when there are heavy rains or storms, their city is easily flooded. The tributaries, lakes, bayous, and other bodies of water reach the land and wash everything that may be on the ground - oil, pesticides, human or animal wastes, garbage, and other harmful sediments.

This flood water will then be flowed back to the water body and recycled for resident’s consumption - but could the treatment be enough to ensure that the residents are getting clean water as claimed by the management assigned?

What’s in The Water

Despite the Government’s effort to give out 100% clean water to its citizens, there are still complaints regarding the residents' water. Though the Public Works and Engineering Department (PWE) assures that all the water being released passes thru thorough filtration and treatment, some people are still worried that the water they are consuming isn’t safe, especially for drinking.

Water Quality and Problems in Houston Texas

Common complaints include:

Worms – Yes, though it may seem disturbing to imagine some suburbs in Houston were unlucky to experience it, as they are going through their daily routine, red or black little worms were seen on the water from their faucets.

Smelly Water – Residents are complaining about the musty smell that their water has. Though they are unaware of its reason, they are taking it seriously and decided not to consume it without sterilizing it.

Cloudy in Color – Looking into the glass, residents noticed that the water isn’t clear at all, it is a little bit cloudy, and it's sending them the idea that it isn’t safe for drinking.

Algae and Molds – Some claim that they could see the traces of molds and algae on their waters


Public Works and Engineering Department (PWE) is firm with their claim that they are doing its best to produce only clean water. They said that it might be in the pipes or may due to other reasons that could happen while the water is traveling from the treatment plant to the resident’s homes.

Effects of Unsafe Water

Water Contamination is not a small issue. It is a harmful situation that everyone shouldn’t take for granted. Other than the health dangers we could encounter, other sectors could also be greatly affected.

Some food establishments are getting complaints regarding the change in taste, and sometimes the delicious smell isn’t present anymore. There are also situations where customers are getting sick after consuming their product. Though there may be many reasons behind it, the company blames it on the smelly, cloudy, and contaminated water being supplied.

Since everyone is afraid of consuming the water, some settle to buying water bottles and use them for their necessities. Instead of saving some money, their budget becomes even tight because they need to allot some cleaner water.

Common health issues that arise from unclean water include gastrointestinal illness, neurological disorders, reproductive problems, and many more. It may also worsen illness suffered by those who have a low immune system or are undergoing critical or sensitive medical treatments.

What to Do

There are many ways to protect yourself from these contaminants. Though you are being assured by the government, it is still better to be cautious and keen.

Here are some ways on how you could treat your water at home:

Sterilization - There are two ways you could sterilize your water, through boiling or using bleach. Water boiling seems to be the common method to use, and you would only need salt and a container to store your water. Sterilizing with the use of bleach, however, may require assistance from experts; you will be using a chemical that, if not measured well, will bring about the greater danger. Using bleach is not recommended; it is only used if boiling your water is not an option.

Using Ion Tablets - Though this may remove most contaminants, this method may not adequately remove all the harmful sediments present in the water. Especially some parasites that may harm your internal organs, it is said that water sterilization is more effective than this method, but this is much easier since you would only be buying the ion tablets and mix them with your water. People with thyroid problems are not allowed to use this. It is also advised that you mix in a drink mix since this method will produce a peculiar taste in the water.

Home Water Filters - This is by far the most convenient and reliable method of all. Though you would need to invest a sum of money in buying water filters, the efficiency of producing clean water is long-term. There are many water filters available in the market; there are those directly attached to the faucet to filter molds or algae, and bigger ones are more capable of clearing the contaminated water.

Water Problems in Houston Texas

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