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Pathogenic Bacteria and Viruses in Drinking Water

Pathogenic Bacteria and Viruses in Drinking Water

To understand more about pathogenic bacteria and viruses found in drinking water, we will have to talk a little about the medical field. Knowing more about the simple terms and cycle of pathogenic bacteria and viruses will give us a clear picture as to what they are and how it occurs.

A pathogen is an infectious agent. Pathogens are biological agents that cause illness to its host. A host is a susceptible animal or human body that these microorganisms feed from and multiply.

The individual host should be susceptible, due to the fact that these individuals have low resistance to these microorganisms. Truth be told though, there are bacteria and viruses that are sometimes helpful to the human body.

For example, the live bacteria that are found on vaccines like Bacillus Calmette Guerin or BCG; it helps warding of illnesses and increases the resistance of the children to the disease-causing microorganisms.

Not to mention the Human papillomavirus that is given as vaccines as well to prevent polio. This is just a few of the good bacteria and viruses that helps the human body and increases the resistance to diseases.

How do pathogenic bacteria and viruses infect the body?

Though bacteria and viruses are natural floras of the environment and some bacteria and viruses help build the resistance of the body to future bacterial infestation, some are pathogenic bacteria and viruses and are mainly the cause of illnesses or diseases as well, and there is specific name to that process.

The process of infecting the body by these pathogens is known as The Chain of Infection in the medical world. It starts from the Pathogen or Infectious Agent, which is a natural floras and deposits found in the drinking water, land or even the food we eat. These sources of deposits of pathogenic bacteria and viruses are called Reservoir.

Once we drink, eat or touch the reservoirs of the pathogenic bacteria and viruses, we expose ourselves to these disease-causing microorganisms. Thus the Portal of Exit occurs.

The portal of exit is the time that the pathogenic bacteria and viruses exit the reservoir where the microorganisms are stored and then the Mode of Transmission happens.

The mode of transmission is the way or the method of how the pathogenic bacteria and viruses will enter the host, it can be through skin to skin contact or it can be by mouth.

By the time the pathogenic bacteria and viruses were transmitted, the Portal of Entry happens where in the pathogenic bacteria and viruses enter the Susceptible Host. The moment it enters the body, it multiplies until signs and symptoms are felt by the infected host.

Some of the initial signs and symptoms are flu, runny nose, unproductive cough and fever. The initial signs and symptoms is the result of the body’s resistance to fight these microorganisms.

Though each individual is susceptible to diseases, in the case of the individual who is unable to fight these microorganisms they develop serious and sometimes debilitating diseases.

Some of the diseases caused by the pathogenic bacteria and viruses are life threatening and incurable. Knowing all this information, how safe is we from these disease-causing microorganisms?

How pathogenic bacteria and viruses are removed from our drinking water and how can we drink safe and potable water?

Now that we have the knowledge that one of the reservoirs of pathogenic bacteria and viruses is water, how can we assure ourselves that it is safe to drink?

To make sure that water is potable to drink, water treatment facility have certain processes to remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses from water and making it safe to drink.

Some public water treatment systems use chemicals to remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses from drinking water, and some water treatment facilities uses different processes to kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses in drinking water such process is with the use of radiation.

Giving short information about the process of purifying drinking water, first and foremost, water coming from water sources such as springs, river and lakes and directed to dams for storage.

Once stored in dams, it goes to the public water treatment facility to be filtered and purified. Drinking water will be filtered from organic substances that are present in water.

Once filtered from particles, water will be directed to a different storage to be chlorinated. Though not all pathogenic bacteria and viruses are affected, chlorine aids in killing these microorganisms found in drinking water.

Chlorine is left to be dissolved in water and until the smell of chlorine is not detected in the water, then will be distributed to the community to be used.

There are water treatment facility that doesn’t just ends with the chlorination process. Some uses chemicals to filter and purify water to make sure that the pathogenic bacteria and viruses are totally removed from drinking water, and some water treatment plants uses ultra Violet radiation to kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

With the use of chemicals, it acts as reagents to remove pathogenic microorganisms.

Depending on the use, some chemicals reagents are used as flocculating agents where in, when mixed with water, these reagents clump particles together that will be large enough to be filtered out and remove from water, and some chemical reagents used have a unique reaction when mixed with water.

These chemical reagents give off heat to kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Once done, another self-regulating chemical is added to water to give it a natural taste. Another way of purifying water is by the use of ultraviolet radiation after the chlorination process that inhibits bacterial growth in drinking water.

Somewhat knowledgeable on how drinking water is purified, would you let your family consume it directly? I think not.

Rest assured Berkey Water Filter Systems can give you the safety of drinking water. Not even a single trace of pathogenic bacteria and viruses or chemicals will be seen or used in purifying drinking water.

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