Health Effects of Mercury in Drinking Water

Health Effects of Mercury in Drinking Water

Health is wealth.” A common saying that we can hear wherever we go. Nowadays, health is becoming an issue in society. Many people, especially young ones, don’t give more attention to their health because they think that if they are young, they can’t be contaminated by diseases.

But there is an issue regarding mercury in drinking water. Many people wondered what will be the effects of mercury in drinking water if exposed to our bodies.

Mercury is an element (symbol: Hg) that exists in our environment, and it is also known as quicksilver. Mercury is used in laboratory apparatuses like thermometers and barometers. Mercury is also used in the production of sodium hydroxide as a liquid electrolyte. Mercury is useful for agricultural and industrial processes and is commonly used in the medical field.

Mercury could cause severe damage to an individual's health if it were contaminated with the human body. If mercury is put in the drinking water, the effect will be dangerous to an individual’s health. It can cause kidney damage and will affect the nervous system.

There are two kinds of mercury: Inorganic mercury and organic mercury. Inorganic mercury can cause severe effects on an individual’s health.

Children and babies are most likely sensitive to inorganic mercury if exposed to their bodies, while organic mercury is much dangerous to one’s health, and it might cause death if it is not treated.

Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning 

Some people don’t know that there’s mercury in the water they are drinking. Here are some symptoms if your body is contaminated by mercury. One is a lack of coordination.

You cannot feel it yet for the first time, but if you feel that this happens to you many times, you better go to a doctor to have a check-up. Another is the deterioration of speech, walking, and hearing.

Health Effects of Mercury in Drinking Water

You can also experience the weakness of your muscles wherein you cannot exert force in everything you do even though it is light work. You always feel tired and want to rest. The victim can also feel like pins and needles are pinching on their skin. It can also damage the peripheral version of the affected body.

More symptoms include insomnia, being moody, and headaches. These are just common symptoms, but we must not ignore them. If you feel one of the symptoms, better consult a doctor not to become a serious infection.

Some people ignore these symptoms because they think they will burst out like a bubble by drinking medicine without consulting a doctor. There are also cases wherein an individual is highly exposed to mercury. It can cause kidney damage, and if not treated well, it may lead to death.

If a child or baby was exposed to mercury, it can affect the nervous system and make the child or baby not learn and think very well. And its developing body will grow weak.

How to prevent it?

Because many health cases were reported, there’s a product created wherein you can make sure that the water is safe and clean. It is a potable water filtration called Berkey Water Filter.

Berkey Water Filter can make natural water resources into clean drinking water. 

Six types of Berkey Water Filter

The first one is the Travel Berkeywhich can provide water for one to five persons.

The second one is called the Big Berkey. It is one of the famous portable water filteres, and it is used mostly in houses, schools, offices, and hospitals.

The third one is the Royal Berkey, and it is used for drinking by large groups or families.

The fourth one is the Berkey Light It is an alternative for Big Berkey. This Berkey water filter cannot be destroyed easily, and you can see the water level from it.

The fifth type of Berkey water filter is called the Imperial Berkey. This water filter is used by large groups in society like charities, orphanages, and churches.

And the last and sixth type of Berkey is the Crown Berkey. The Crown Berkey is the largest type of Berkey water filter. It is used for much larger groups in society like hospitals, communities, and camps.

With Berkey Water Filter, waters from the faucet, water pumps, and water tanks can be drunk safely. It is very in demand because it can meet the needs of a wide range of users regarding safe drinking water.


Health Effects of Mercury in Drinking Water

Health is very precious, and this one of the treasures of an individual that must keep. We must always be careful about the foods that we eat and the water that we drink. It is better to be safe and healthy rather than being sick or ill.

Because if this happens, your family will spend hundreds of thousands on the hospital bills and the medications you will take.

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