The Best Portable Water Filter for Any Outdoor Activity

The Best Portable Water Filter for Any Outdoor Activity

We can all agree that almost every person across the globe loves to go out once in a while. When I say go out, I meant basking in the great heat of the sun, appreciating the incredible scenery that nature can bring, enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones, and generally just having fun in the outdoors. The world has a lot to show us, and it is just but fair for us to accept this invitation that the world is giving us. 

Undoubtedly, planning any outdoor activities for the family or friends to enjoy is always a good thing, a good time. May it be camping under the twinkling stars, hiking challenging mountains, fishing, biking, and a lot more than you can think of. It is always a great way to bond and strengthen the relationship with one another, forgets the noisy city's busy ambiance, and relax the stress away. 

However, all these outdoor activities cost effort, energy, and... sweat. So, it is always important to keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated during a fun-filled activity. 

The Significance of Water to the Human Body

If there would be only one thing that you should ask to survive a week, it should be water. Water is very important in survival for almost all organisms, such as plants, animals, and humans. 

The human adult body is composed of approximately 60% water. Every organ in the body is mainly composed of water, including the bones, made up of 31% water. In that light, people are highly advised to drink a certain amount of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. Generally, females and males must drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, respectively.

The amount of water that a person should drink can change depending on their lifestyle and activities. If you are an athlete or a person who faces physically engaging activities all day long, you must increase the amount of water you intake. 

Functions of Water in the Human Body

The Best Portable Water Filter for Any Outdoor Activity

Aside from staying Hydrated, there are many more reasons why water is essential to the human body. Water helps the body as a whole and its organs in their certain ways. Basically, without a sufficient amount of water in our bodies, we would not function well and survive daily life challenges. 

  1. Water is important to the whole composition of a cell. It helps as a building material.
  2. It helps regulate the body temperature of a person through respiration and sweating. Water enables the body to cope up with the different changes in the weather and temperature. 
  3. Water helps a person's digestion process. It is extremely helpful when it comes to transporting nutrients and vitamins in the bloodstream. It is the main component of saliva that helps us to digest our food properly.
  4. Water is also helpful in flushing toxins and waste outside of the body. This is maybe done through sweating, urinating, and regularizing the bowel movement. 
  5. It helps maintains our joints and bones lubricated for us to do specific movements smoothly.
  6. Water serves as a shock absorber for the brain, organs, spinal cord, and fetus. 

Why Should We Stay Hydrated?

One must always stay hydrated to stay healthy and keeps the body functioning properly. One doesn't need to wait until they feel thirsty before drinking water. As much as possible, even though you are not feeling thirsty, continue to drink water regularly. Most importantly, if you have a busy schedule ahead of you, it is always important to bring water with you. 

Aside from the different functions of how water can impact the human body, water also has different benefits than just normal bodily functions. 

Improve your Functionality

Staying hydrated helps you to be more physically equipped to finish your tasks well and fast. For example, if you are working out regularly, always drink water before, during, and after exercise. Having a sufficient amount of water during physically challenging tasks helps you stay energized, reduces fatigue, keeps your heart rate at its normal state, and improves your performance.

Helps You Lose More Weight

Surprisingly, water can help a person to lose weight. This works by drinking 2-3 glasses of water before every meal. The water helps you to feel full easily.

Enhances Your Mood

Water helps your mood positively. This is for the reason that it helps the brain to function correctly. Since the brain is primarily composed of mostly water. Drinking water regularly prevents you from headaches, confusion, fatigue, and feeling light-headed. Moreover, it even develops the brain's ability to think or its cognitive performance in general. 

Prevents you from Illnesses or Diseases

Water flushes all the toxins and wastes out of the body. With that, it keeps the human body from catching sickness easily. Generally, water protects us from health conditions such as kidney troubles, constipation, heart failure, and certain cancers.

With all that being laid out, we can agree that water is a vital necessity of the body. Not only does it help the body to function properly, but it also keeps us away from any health problems.

Especially during the sun's blazing heat every Summer season, it is just as twice as important to carry drinking water with you. We all know that Summer is the best season to go to the beach and enjoy any outdoor activity. So, do not let dehydration stop you from enjoying the best of what the outdoors can bring. 

So, it is essential to carry water with you throughout the day and everywhere. However, it should not be just any water because, to achieve the full benefits of what water can bring to one's health, you must also ensure yourself safe, healthy, and drinkable water. This can all be achieved with the Go Berkey Kit.

The Go Berkey Kit!

The Best Portable Water Filter for Any Outdoor Activity

You need something convenient and reliable when it comes to bringing you the highest quality water possible. It should be something that can assure you healthy and drinkable water. So, because of course, you want to provide yourself with all the benefits and wonders that water can bring to the human body, right?

Especially during times when you are enjoying yourself in the outdoors, where there is too little water supply. Yes, there might be many water sources like the river, stream, lakes, ponds, and more, but are they safe? Not! With the Go Berkey Kit, you need not worry as to whether you might run out of water supply or not. Because you can grab yourself some water anywhere, you can find a water source from and let the magic of the Go Berkey Kit prevail. 

What is the Go Berkey Kit?


The Best Portable Water Filter for Any Outdoor Activity


The Go Berkey Kit is a Berkey Water filtration system that is portable and lightweight to carry water with you anywhere you can go. Its size is perfect and convenient to not stress you out about where to place it whenever you go camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity you wish to do. It comes with a Sport Berkey portable water bottle that makes it even simpler for you to jump from one place to another with just a compact filter in your hand. 

You need not worry anymore about staying hydrated and getting water supplies in the middle of the forest or top of the mountain. The Go Berkey Kit with the Sport Berkey water bottle will be your ultimate best friend at every outdoor activity you will do. 

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