The Need of Clean Water - Who needs it? Why do we need it? How bad do we need clean water?


The Need of Clean Water - Who needs itWhy do we need it How bad do we need clean water


Clean water plays an essential role in the household. Most especially when there are members of the family who are conscious about their health – people who need proper attention when it comes to liquid/food intake like sick, toddlers, and elders who take their medicines regularly. Also, clean water needs to be considered when preparing food for the family. And the most important thing is simply drinking. Most people nowadays follow the 8-glasses per day rule, which also implies that clean water must be considered.


Clean and purified water is essential for babies who drink formula milk. After pregnancy, moms who work for the family need to feed their newborns with formula milk, which needs proper cleaning of milk bottles. That is where purified water comes in. Failure to use clean and purified water will cause Cholera, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Poisoning, Hepatitis A, Malaria, Polyomavirus Infection, Typhoid Fever, etc. according to an article posted on We do not want to see our babies suffer.


Anyone who orders water after a delectable meal? All of us finish our meals with purified water. Whether you are dining in a restaurant or having fun in bars with your friends, you will always look for clean water to quench your thirst. Every food establishment must have purified water available to serve its valued customers. No manager/supervisor wants to hear complaints from their customers for food poisoning.


“Nearly 8,000 women in Tanzania die each year in or immediately after childbirth. Nearly half of women, and disproportionately the country’s poorest, are giving birth at home, and almost none of these homes have clean water and basic sanitation,” said Lenka Benova of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

This is very alarming, and this should be a lesson learned for everyone in the medical field. The cause of death in African countries is caused mainly by poor hygiene and sanitation. Homes that do not have clean water are the places where malnutrition is rampant.


The Need of Clean Water - Who needs itWhy do we need it How bad do we need clean water

The average number of students enrolled per school year in an educational institution is approximately 30 per classroom. So that may total to 3000/school including Grade School, High School, and College. All of these students have one source of water provided by the school management. Every student deserves proper sanitation wherever they are within the school vicinity. Schools must provide drinking fountains, water dispensers in every classroom, which should always have purified water in them. 


We all need clean water when we travel. No matter how long or how quick our vacation maybe, we need to quench our thirst each time we travel. Whether we go camping, go to the beach, go to the mountains, bottled water is one of the things included in our checklists. It may not be on the list; we still won’t lose that in mind.  Travelling, trekking, and swimming are some of the most enjoyable activities people do. And they need to rest, too. Who doesn’t look for clean water after a tiring activity? No one.


Working 8 hours a day doing strenuous activities or just sitting in front of the computer doing reports and other paperwork makes employees weak and burned out. Add the stress caused by the additional workload that results in additional hours in the office will surely bring out the worst in every employee. One will be physically, mentally, and psychologically challenged, working their asses off for their families while just getting the minimum wage set by the company. To boost their energy in the office, they need to eat. And of course, while working, they need to drink water to keep themselves going. Clean water must be provided by the company since the employees need it the most at every time.


The Need of Clean Water - Who needs itWhy do we need it How bad do we need clean water

These people need purified water because it’s what their body needs to perform well. From extensive training to competitions to Olympics, clean and purified water never fails to contribute to their development and success. Every few minutes of practice, every turn, every set of moves, athletes and sports enthusiasts need to drink water. This is to replenish their thirst, energize them and give them a new set of full force for the next round. Without clean water, these people will get weak and won’t be able to win the game.

Clean and purified water plays an essential role in every community/establishment. It’s also part of every individual’s daily needs. One needs to take eight glasses of water a day to keep himself healthy – and should drink more during the hottest weather. If a person doesn't rehydrate with clean water, he might not perform or even think properly. Most people said that they would rather live without food than water. After a good meal, even if we are so satisfied with the food, we still look for clean water to drink. After having fun for a night filled with booze and wines, you will look for clean water the next day you wake up. To sum it all up, no one will ever live without clean water. No one.

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