Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

We realize that many people do a lot of research before purchasing our products. Because we are confident about the effectiveness of our products, we prefer people to find as many reviews and feedback as possible from people who purchased our products. 

At the same time, we are also aware that when people research our products, they may encounter some posts on the web referring to a "Berkey Water Filter Scam."

We have been working hard to build quality water filters for our customers to provide clean, purified drinking water for their families for decades.

Of course, there are nothing scams about our products or our business. However, there must be some reasons people talk about this big Berkey water filter scam.

Let us explain what we have found out from these claims and clarify misunderstandings about our products.

Observing The Potential Doubts

Effectiveness - Too Good to be True

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

A Berkey water filter will purify water to 99.999 percent for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, and unwanted chemicals.

Berkey reduces harmful pollutants, chlorine, fluorine, and toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and healthy nutritional minerals of the water needed to maintain a healthy body and sound mind.

It does not need electricity to function, so you can rely highly on it during emergencies and camping trips. 

For some people, all this sounds too good to be true. Even though we have many 3rd party lab results for the effectiveness of Berkey filters, when the information is presented from the actual seller, it is not easy to sweep the doubts away.

Cost - Inexpensive as a Purifier

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

Berkey water filters are very affordable, especially as water purifiers. This affordability can turn out to be a downside after people think that it’s too inexpensive for something that’s supposedly that high quality. 

Berkey water filters are, in fact, very economical. It is genuinely inexpensive because it only utilizes gravity as a mechanism for filtering harmful chemicals, particulates, parasites, and bacteria.

You pay for the whole assembly and get to spend as little as 2 cents per gallon. When you compare the cost of purifying water to other similar water filters on the market, you begin to realize what a great deal the Berkey water filter is. 

Health Benefits of the Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

What is a Berkey Water Filter?

Berkey water filter is one of the most used filtration systems in the world. It has met international standards for water filters and was recommended by some well-known experts. This was built to work without electricity and without the need to connect it to your plumbing system.

Moreover, Berkey Water Filter comes in various sizes – light, go, travel, big, royal, imperial, and crown - that can handle an amount of water ranging from 1.50 gallons to 6.00 gallons. This could also filter and reduce the amount of chlorine, pathogens, fluoride, heavy metals, and VOCs present in your water.

Surely, the cleanliness and safeness of the water that you will consume are well assured, and the price you paid for it is worth it.

Benefits of the Berkey Water Filter in your Home

Many experts have claimed that the power of the Berkey Water Filter could be considered a purifier. This could be used in filtering non-potable water and is very convenient when traveling.

Studies also show that this filter could clean water coming from rivers and lakes. It could remove up to 99.9% of various lethal elements and chemicals coming from your water. Some examples of these are parasites, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, mercury, benzene, chromium-6, pesticides, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs, and many more.

Water contaminated with lead could cause poisoning and could even cause more serious health problems in long-term consumption. The said material could enter your drinking water when the plumbing materials lead to corroding; this may be caused by extreme acidity or minimum mineral content in the water. Thus it is better to use Berkey Water Filter because it is standalone and doesn’t require any more complicated piping. 

Chlorine, on the other hand, is mostly used by water suppliers as a cleaning agent in their water filtration system. The said material could reduce the number of bacteria and viruses present in the water and be proven to have reduced the number of toxins that cause diarrheal diseases.

Chlorine is cheaper and has additional protection to prevent recontamination. Thus, this element is known to be the most efficient filtering agent.

Unfortunately, too much chlorine in the water could also cause some problems, especially for those consuming it for years. Some studies have claimed that excessive chlorine intake could make a person vomit, cause commas, trigger cancer, and, worst, could cause death. But there is not enough evidence to prove these accusations. Experts are still debating and conducting tests to show the long-term effects of chlorine.

However, the World Health Organization has created standards and limits regarding chlorine to be used in our waters. Since there are still no concrete results about the consequences of using the said material, it is better to be safe and take things in moderation.

The Berkey Water Filter makes sure that the amount of chlorine present in your water doesn’t exceed 5mg per liter. Results have shown that this filter system could reduce chlorine from 5mg per liter to none. Hence, this product doesn’t just make your water fresh but also limits your intake of chlorine.

Furthermore, scientists have proven that the Berkey Water Filter could reduce or remove the amount of arsenic and fluoride existing in your water.

Although fluoride has some health benefits, having too much of it could also risk your health. Being overexposed to the said material could increase the probability of having dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, thyroid problems, neurological problems, and cardiovascular problems.

And similarly to arsenic, consuming too much of it could cause skin lesions, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. For a child or an infant, exposure to it could negatively impact cognitive development and escalates the deaths of young adults.    

Berkey Water Filter could eliminate 95% of the said materials. Thus it is very well recommended to prevent such health problems. Conveniently, its filtration elements are very easy to clean, allowing each element of Berkey to filter up to 3000 gallons of water. Moreover, this could last for four years with proper maintenance and care.

And as mentioned before, this water filter comes in different sizes that are suitable depending on your family's needs. You can have a Go size that comes very handy when traveling or a Crown size that could be very useful in family gatherings. It is also created from high-quality materials and is made sure to be safe and ergonomic.

Berkey Water Filter is the newest innovation of the filtration system in the market. It has been dominating other water filters such as Aquasana, Brita, Pur, and Katadyn and has become famous for portable water filters. Many people are satisfied with using this product; it is affordable, transportable, and eco-friendly.

In today’s generation, we don’t know whether the food we eat and the water we drink are clean and safe. Due to the pollution that causes contamination of our natural products, it becomes rare to have clean, fresh, and pesticide-free food. And because of these cases, the rate of people having health problems is increasing. Over time, the number of diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other medical conditions is increasing.

Local governments are also at alert levels because they are obliged to help and accommodate these people, thus making the medical bills in every country multiply over the years. The government has financed scientists and experts to find solutions to these said problems. Although the tests are continuing, the cures are slowly being discovered, and the medicines are then being improved.

And so, to do our part, we must try to find alternatives and buy trustworthy products not to add more casualties.  Make sure that the things you buy are original and have trusted brands. Class A products are sometimes useful, but if you don’t want to risk your family, then better to have an item that has met the standards and quality of a good product.   

In doubt, always seek an expert’s help, and don’t hesitate to ask for advice. It is better to make sure that the things you buy are of great quality and are worth their price.

Berkey Water Filter isn’t just another product to store your water, but this assurance that the water you will consume is safe and clean.

Unavailability in California and Iowa

When people from California and Iowa became unable to purchase the Berkey water filter systems, some people wondered about their effectiveness.

The State of California and The State of Iowa require certifications that are entirely different from other states, and we have concluded that the cost of acquiring these certifications is not worth pursuing the business in these states. 

We have dedicated pages explaining why some Berkey products are not available in California and why all Berkey Systems are not available in Iowa.

Berkey’s History of Neglected Dealers 

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

Queen Victoria of England experienced an increasing health concern regarding the dangers of drinking water in 1835. Typhoid and cholera at that time were common and caused a high fatality rate.

Royal Doulton was commissioned to make a water filter using clay and earth materials that will have the capability of removing whatever may be causing those diseases at that time.

This led to the discovery of ceramic water filters, popularly known as Doulton water filters. This filter was the first filter in history to use gravity and is made of stoneware.

Doulton Company continues to improve and modify its water filters under the name British Berkefeld.

The company in the U.S., New Millennium Concepts, partnered with British Berkefeld in 1998, then started creating "the Black Berkey Element" and releasing the line of Berkey products with this new filter. 

The release became phenomenal. The demand for the product was so high that too many new dealers came in a short amount of time. 

Some dealers forget about maintaining their reputation as they bask in instant success. They neglect the value of high quality and dependable customer service and transparency to their loyal and potential customers.

The demand for the product grew by the day, but these neglected dealers were unresponsive. Customers who purchased from these dealers became concerned when they could not contact them, and they started doing searches on the internet to see if they got scammed.

Rumors were spread, and through word of mouth, the Berkey water filter scam was created.

The Search Engine Influence

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

Search engines can make or break a product. It works magic. As more and more people searched about the Berkey water filter scam because of the reasons mentioned above, Google and other search engines remember the search term and automatically suggest it to others.

Negative things always spark people's interest, and once any company is linked to the word “scam,” it immediately becomes something worth reading.

Fortunately, since people couldn’t find authentic negative feedback, the term "scam" is no longer associated with Google search suggestions.  

The Bottom Line

Berkey Water Filter Scam Issue - End Of Scam Risk

The bottom line is that you can depend on our revolutionary water filters. We have worked so hard to provide a mechanism to purify contaminated water. We diligently do everything we can to go above and beyond to make it safe for families and communities to drink clean, purified water.

It is always best to hear what actual users are saying about our systems.
Read these reviews of Berkey Water Filters here.

Don't worry about getting scammed at all. You can count on us to provide the best water filter solution for your home. Our Black Berkey Filters are made in the USA. The stainless steel housings are assembled from US parts and imported parts.

Berkey systems can efficiently purify ordinary tap water, and well water is powerful enough to efficiently purify raw, untreated water from sources such as remote lakes and streams. Our portable, gravity-fed Berkey system can provide an essential water security system for drinking, cooking, and hygiene for your family in emergencies.

All of our Berkey systems are at the most affordable price they can be.

Call us anytime for any questions at (888) 899-3903.
Please visit our product line here - Berkey Product Line.

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