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Best Portable Water Filter for Camping and Hiking

Best Portable Water Filter for Camping and Hiking

 Tired and want to get away from strenuous workload? It is time to unwind, enjoy and feel free. Best recommended medicine is a dose of good camping or hiking. First all you need to do is to secure yourself the necessary needs and equipment. Safe drinking water is one of them so let portable water filters do the work for you.


Water filters ease up your load during camping so it is wise to use the best portable water filters. You don’t have to carry along with you gallons of safe drinking water just to quench away your thirst all throughout your adventure. When you say water filters, it should be that efficient, lighter and easier for you.


There are many portable water filters available in the market and online to choose from. It is from gravity filters to UV light. All you need to do is to choose what’s best for you. The lighter and easy to carry water filters usually fit for the job. Aside from the fact that it should be that efficient enough to get rid of those unwanted contaminants in your water sources.


Water filters uses microfiltration that readily filters those pathogens such as bacteria and protozoa that are present in your open water sources. These waterborne pathogens are responsible for diseases such as diarrhea, Hepatitis and more.


Choosing the Right Water Filters

In choosing water filters, you also need to consider its speed. How fast it can give you instant safe drinking water from your open water sources such as rivers or streams. Just imagine how unhealthy those water sources are that you can easily extract from it in minutes safe potable drinking water?

Now there are many faster water filters available in the market and online. Now, there are certain water filters by manufacturers that could easily give you 1-2 liters in a minute. But still it all depends on the filtering medium you are using of course. The larger it is, the faster the flow it could give.

You also need to consider is its weight and size. Always remember to travel light for comfort. Not only in choosing for your water filters but with your luggage too! It is not wise enough to carry heavy one with you along the way. So better choose equipment or camping gears that are light for your satisfaction and ease.


Convenience too is a must. Easy to use water filters like gravity filters are good choices here. Like those other water filters do wherein you can use it on every water sources you can find on site. But definitely when you say convenience, you must go for the best. Best pick here are those chemicals in tablet forms wherein you can just drop it and wait.

Maintenance wise kind of water filters should be considered here too! Don’t worry because almost all kinds of water filters are made easy to clean. They are using those easy to clean filter medium on them for better cleaning and to ensure its users for a safe and clean drinking water every time.


Lastly, when choosing for the right water filters, you must always be particular with taste quality. Luckily, with gravity water filters, you can rest assure that the taste remains the same.


Recently, portable water filters flood the markets. Manufacturers develop more lighter and easy to use water filters wherein they can kill those harmful pathogens that are present in your water sources. The more light and easy it is, the more efficient and wise it is to use for outdoor camping or hiking.


Some campers or backpackers prefer to use water filters compared to those tablet purifiers available in the market which are chemical in nature. It is therefore safe to use water filters instead.


Filtration is much different from purification. And simply using water filters are much different from using tablet water purifiers for outdoor adventures. Filtration is simply filtering out those unnecessary microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa by the use of a filtering medium leaving you safe drinking water without changing its taste.

While purification is a system that totally remove all contaminants in the water such as bacteria, protozoa including viruses as well but will give you tasteless water in return. So during camping or hiking tablet purifiers such as chlorine dioxide tablets are used.


We all knew that it’s much easy to use those handy chlorine dioxide tablets during camping or hiking. But are you sure enough how health wise is it? Chemicals are dangerous to your health that’s why it is still best to use water filters for outdoor waters.


There are different types of portable water filters you can choose from. But the best portable water filters in the market are the pocket water micro filters. These filters are best for bacteria and protozoa. It usually has 1L/ min. cartridge capacity with a recommended long lasting using capacity even if continuously used.

Some water filters do have short life span. They are easily ruined especially when used with greater water capacity. So it is not practical then. They are easy to maintain too because there are lots of filter replacements available in the market and also it is east to clean kind of water filters.


Some campers tend to buy those cheap water filters in the market but it is not that wise to do. Better think twice first before doing so. Why? It is because some cheap water filters available in the market and online now don’t promise lasting and efficient use. So sometimes it is much wiser to buy branded ones or even expensive water filters for as long as it guarantees long life span and great efficiency.


However, even if it is the best portable water filters in the market. You still have to consider also that it can only remove bacteria and protozoa but cannot remove those certain waterborne viruses present in your outdoor water. And since viruses are harmful and can make you sick, it is always better to think not only those safe sides but as well as those bad sides too of using it.


Go Berkey Kit

The Go Berkey Kit was designed to be the ultimate outdoor water partner, you can use it for work, school when you travel, go backpacking, hiking or camping.

The Sports Berkey is the one that use when you are on the go, when you are out and about, but the Go Berkey System is ideal as a passive purification system, when you are just staying in one place.

The Go Berkey Kit can also be a big help in time of emergency, just like other Berkey water filter, it can purify treated water and water from an untreated and natural source.

The Go Berkey Kit was made with 304 highly polished AISI stainless steel and it is also complete with one Black Berkey purification element and it can store .95 liters or one quart of water.

It weighs 2.4 pounds, so it is very easily to bring along with you anywhere you go and it was built as the perfect partner for people on the go.


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