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British Berkefeld and Big Berkey: The Difference between the Black and the White Ceramic Filters


British Berkefeld and Big Berkey: The Difference between the Black and the White Ceramic Filters 

Have you ever wondered the difference between Berkey’s white and black filter? Which is better for your needs? Let’s talk about these two by their history, similarities and difference to provide you better choices to ease your doubts with the water you and your family drink every day.


"Offensive to the sight, disgusting to the imagination, and destructive to the health" (London: T. Butcher 1828)

Everything has their own tale of history even the black and white water filters we use every day to keep our water at home safe and sound.

Way back in the early 1800's when London had a huge problem with deprivation of safe water due to pathogenic bacteria that contaminated Thames River. Raw sewage was the cause of this water contamination. This huge problem put England's citizens’ health in danger. Epidemic diseases like Cholera, typhoid fever and diarrhea spread across England. This pandemic situation alarmed Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful lady in England that period.


Until Henry Doulton invented and developed ceramic filters that commonly known now as Super Sterasyl Filters or the white filters. These filters were able to remove dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria and have the capability of self-sterilization. Doulton was commissioned by then Queen Elizabeth for her to make gravity stone fed water filter created with the technology of ceramic filter and his talent for pottery, making a water container.


By year 1846 with the help of Chadwick and other known reformers, experts opened their eyes and started revolution for better technology for water sanitation, thanks for Doulton's effort and discovery known of Ceramic Filter that evolved into Super Sterasyl Filters today.

During the year 1846, the collected research and experiments of Louis Pasteur with advanced microbiology was aligned with the continuous development of Doulton's studies to fight tiny microorganisms that brought harmful substances to water. These dangerous pathogenic bacteria may lead to water contamination.


Doulton with help of Pasteur created cartridges that were capable of killing bacteria for more than 90% of effectivity. The following years of series of examinations and explorations to improve water filtration using ceramic water filters were then successful for it was adopted as well in hospitals, military and laboratories. Doulton's water filters were even part of Queen Victoria's left arm during Kensington International Exhibit by year 1862.

On the other hand, Black Berkey Filters were discovered by New Millennium Concepts, a US based company. With the distribution partnership between Berkefeld and NMC, the locals of North America had a chance to purchase the Super Sterasyl Filter.

NMC then developed Black filters and other accessories to make the water being filtered by these equipment 99% clean, yes so close to perfection. Black Filters are coined as water purifiers for it removes everything that may contaminate our H2O. It purifies meaning no organic compound or heavy metals evidence will remain in the water once it has been filtered by Black Berkey Filters.


Comparison of the Black Berkey and the White Ceramic Filters

Ceramic whiter filters or better known as Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters can remove pathogenic bacteria (disease-causing organism in water) and cyst (a sac-liked pocket of tissue from an animal or plant). They can also remove organic chemicals from sewage effluents. White Filters can also reduce Chlorine a highly chemical water disinfectant to public water. These ceramic filters can also reduce Turbidity, Sediment and Particulate.

On the other side Black Filters can do the over-all ability of white filters but with 99% effectivity to remove all possible water contaminants. Black filters take us into new stage of water purification. Here's the catch among other water filters, Black Berkey Filters were proven as the most efficient filter available in our market today, according to independent laboratories approved by EPA. Black Berkey Filters compared to other brands are the most reliable filter when it comes to water purifier as mentioned.


It has been tested for more than 10,000 times with 100,000 pathogens or more per liter of water. Surprisingly, no evidence of pathogens was seen after it has been filtered by Black Berkey Filters, yes 100% clean! Amazing isn't it? Black filters can also eliminate food color without removing beneficial minerals that retains our hydration. They also remove heavy metals such Lead, Aluminum, Copper and MTBEs. The Black Berkey Filter elements has been tried and tested by University of Phoenix, Spectrum Labs, and the Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science at University of Louisiana. Rest assured that the water filtered by Black Berkey Filters is very good for water consumption.


Take note of this Super Sterasyl Filters or the White Filters works on PF-2 to remove Fluoride while Black Filters works with PF-4 eliminating the same chemical element.


To sum up the similarities and differences of white and black filters; white filters or Super Ceramic Water filter and Black Filter element are both long-lasting in quality and affordable at the time. In contrast, Black filter can remove heavy metals but white filters can only remove pathogenic bacteria and some chemical compounds.


Well if the best quality of filters is what you are looking for then there you have them both. Black and white filters life span may take until three years before you have to replace them. Berkey Filters whatever it may be black or white can be purchased at most affordable price.



Tip: If you are a traveler and wanted to sure the safety of water you consume then choose a white filter. White Filters are durable and made for long trips, camping and journeys. If you are a mother or a boss who wants to secure no any marks of contaminants would put any harm your family or employees, well then choose Black Filters.


Remember this before picking your filters; it must be Berkey Filters, the most trusted brand for Water Filter System! You can purchase it now and worry no more for your everyday consumption of water. 

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