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What is the acceptable Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Level in Drinking Water

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Level in Drinking Water

 Total Dissolved Solids, also known as TDC, are inorganic compounds that are found in water such as salts, heavy metals and some traces of organic matter that are dissolved in water.

Excluding the organic matters that are sometimes naturally present in water and the environment, some of these compounds or substances can be essential in life, though it can be harmful when taken more than the desired amount needed by the body.

The total dissolved solids present in water are one of the leading causes of turbidity and sediments in drinking water. When left unfiltered, total dissolved solids can be the reason of diseases.


What composes total dissolved solids and how do they contaminate our water supply?

There are different substances that comprise of total dissolved solids in drinking water. As a natural flora of water and the environment, bacteria and viruses can be found in total dissolved solids, these are the organic compounds found in drinking water. Chemicals such as heavy metals, salts, and pharmaceutical drugs that are caused by human waste materials that contaminate the water and water supply can also be found.


Water that came from springs, lakes and waterfalls that go to the public water treatment and are stored for supplying the community have natural microorganisms and salts. Not only that, a phytoplankton, one of the natural floras of water sometimes be found. A phytoplankton is a type of microscopic plant that drifts off or wanders to different bodies of water.


Sometimes, caused by human waste products that contaminate these water sources, chemicals such as iron, potassium, sodium and other chemicals that are known to man are present in drinking water too. Not to mention the volatile organic compounds that leak through the water supply by soil can be contaminate the drinking water as well.


Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOC’s, are rapidly evaporating compounds that are chemically designed for specific use at home, at school and anywhere you can think of.

What is the acceptable Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Level in Drinking Water 

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is measured in milligrams per unit volume of water (mg/L) and also referred to as parts per million (ppm). For drinking water, the maximum concentration level set by EPA is 500 mg/L.

Ways to remove total dissolved solids in drinking water:

These chemicals can be absorbed by soil and can contaminate out water supplies. Though some of the total dissolved solids are natural floras, filtration and purification is an effective way to remove these chemicals out from our drinking water.


Giving you a short process of water filtration and purification, water coming from the water sources, goes to the public water treatment to undergo filtering. In this process, large particles or substances are filtered out and removed from the water.

Sometimes, in this process, small particles can get through the filters thus still causing turbidity in drinking water and is not yet safe to be consumed. Once it undergoes filtration, it is now then purified using certain methods. Depending on the company or water treatment facility, some use chemicals, radiation or micro-filtration and chlorination to remove microscopic particles still present in water.


In the process of removing dissolved solids in drinking water with the use of chemicals as reagents, these reagents help to filter these substances out. Chemicals such as aluminum sulphate and liquid chlorine are used. These chemicals are flocculating chemicals that help in water filtration. What they do is that they clump the particles together until the form a larger particle.


These flocks can then be easily removed or filtered out. Some chemicals used are fluorosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride. These chemicals give a unique reaction. These chemicals give off energy by creating heat, when these chemicals are combined with water they ignite thus killing the bacteria, viruses, protozoan and other organic microorganism found in water.


Once the drinking water is filtered of the impurities, it still has a strange taste that is not potable yet, so calcium hydroxide was added to water. Calcium hydroxide, also known as lime water, is a self-regulating chemical that does not affect the alkalinity and the acidity of water thus making it safe to be consumed and will have the taste of natural water.


While some water treatment facility uses chemical reagent to filter and purify drinking, some public water treatment facility uses filtration, chlorination and Ultra Violet radiation to purify drinking water. The process of these treatment starts when water coming from water sources goes to the water supply for particles to be filtered out. Once filtered, it will remain in the water supply for chlorination.


When chlorine is added, it will remain in the water storage until the smell of chlorine cannot be detected. Since chlorine is a derivative of salt and sodium, it sometimes cannot be easily dissolved. When the chlorination process is done, it goes to a special process where radiation is involved.


With the help of Ultra Violet rays, water is then radiated to make sure that the remaining substances of chlorine will be dissolved and the microorganisms that made it through the filtration and chlorination process were killed. These remnants turns into sediments found at the bottom of water and is the cause of turbidity in water.


How can we safely purify water?

Well, knowing a few of the processes to filter and purify water, different questions are lurking deep in our thoughts. Like, how safe is it to be consumed? How will it affect our health and our family as well?


Since we all know that radiation is harmful to our health and chemicals, when defined always leads to toxicity and disease, there is a way to purify water from these contaminants and remove the impurities safely and effectively without the use of chemicals or radiation.


Now you can make sure that your family is drinking a safe and potable water without the undergoing these processes and without the presence of sediments or microorganisms that can cause disease. With the help of Berkey you can now the assurance that your family will remain healthy, hydrated and free from harm.

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