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Coliform Bacteria in Water: What It Is and Why You Should Mind

Coliform Bacteria in Water

Little do we know, the public is still skeptical when it comes to the safety of their drinking water. Who can blame them? The society has been terrifying enough to trust that even water, nowadays, can be dangerous. Only to consider, that water is one of the most important necessities of people.

Questions pertaining to safety and potability of drinking water has been a part of human curiosity. Moreover, it has been bugging people ever since. Truth of the matter is, we still do not trust if we are taking in water that is safe for consumption or luring ourselves to what should not be?

In all fairness, there is no harm in doubting the safety of drinking water nowadays. Various harmful components like fluoride have been tested and found to be present in drinking water. In addition, many attempts have been made to keep water safe.

One of the most common particles that are no surprise to everyone is the presence of coliform bacteria in drinking water. What is coliform and why you should mind them being in the water that you drink?

Coliform Bacteria – A Natural Flora of the Body

As a matter of fact, there is no need to be alarmed highly because coliform is actually a microorganism that is naturally present anywhere. From the earth’s soil and vegetation to the normal flora of the gastrointestinal system of warm-blooded animals. These includes humans; this type of bacteria is universally present anywhere.

Scientifically, it is defined as a rod-shaped Gram negative bacteria that are non-spore forming and non-motile. It can ferment lactose in a temperature between 35-37 degrees. Being a part of the intestinal tract, the bacteria are also found in human feces once it is excreted out of the body.

There are different types of this bacteria (coliform is basically a family of different strains). The most common among them includes the total coliform. The most common strain, is the fecal coliform and Escherichia coli. These are the strain found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals and is a sub-type of the fecal coliform.

These are the three most identified in the specie because they indicate the quality of your drinking water.

Coliform Bacteria – What are Their Indications?

Water tests are done in order to observe and study if total coliform is found to be present. Afterwards, it will again be tested to detect presence of fecal coliform and Escherichia coli. 

Total coliform, being the type that is most present and common, are generally harmless. Fecal contamination is typically ruled out if this strain is found out in water. But, this does not entail that water is still safe for consumption since bacteria still have ways of entering the body. Identifying the source and sanitation is needed for this kinds of cases.

If fecal coliform is found out to be present in the water, this becomes a serious case. From the name itself, it indicates that there was a recent fecal contamination in the water systems.

How Does this Affect my Health?

Relatively, this poses greater health risks to the public. So, it is, again, important to identify the source and to eradicate the bacteria. Once fecal contamination is identified, E. coli tests are run to identify if the specific sub-strain is detected.

Escherichia coli are the most common bacteria to receive media scrutiny. On the contrary, it is actually a pathogen that is already present in the body.

It only becomes causative agents or opportunistic for different conditions like diarrhea, respiratory and urinary tract infections. As well as, once this kind of coliform is found in large quantities, then the body’s immune system is compromised.

Even though it can be considered harmless inside the body, still it brings great risks to one's health. Once it is released in the open and contaminates water systems through fecal content in drinking water, this becomes a threat. Due to the reason that, it is the leading cause of water-borne and other diseases like those mentioned above.

What First Step Should you Take?

As a conclusion, coliforms are already present universally. But this does not mean that it is not something to be bugged about. This is not a minor thing to compromise and wait for the risks to finally come in to picture. 

This type of bacteria can create mild to severe cases of gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders. This actually ranges from watery stool and violent diarrhea to pneumonia.

There are many efficient ways on how to eradicate this bacteria on your drinking water. One of the methods could be, boiling water for up to 7-10 minutes. Yes, it can potentially kill the bacteria but it does not guarantee a 100% elimination scale.

The best method to solve this concern is through the use of water filtering systems. There are a lot of water filtration systems to choose from, but are they all effective? There is only one brand that guarantees satisfaction and provides high-quality service and it is the Berkey Filtration System

The Berkey gives the satisfaction of coliform-free drinking water safe for the entire family. This particular water filtration system not only filtrates but purifies your water as well. Giving you that peace of mind that 99.9% of contaminants, including the coliform bacteria, will surely be eliminated. Thus, giving you that feeling of relief and safety. Providing your homes with the Berkey Filtration System is already ensuring the well-being and healthy lifestyle of your family and yours.

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