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Competitions in the market are way to give consumers vast choices. Numerous brands may look good at first sight but not for a lifetime of usage. In a world full of choices, we should be wise and careful in selecting the product we badly need like safe water.

Water is an important necessity in a person's life. Our body is composed of 60% water. That is why there is a need to be cautious about the water we drink in our day to day adventure. Not to mention, that water has a significant responsibility in improving our health through hydration and detoxification. Furthermore, water plays a major role in our psychological and emotional state. 

Let's elaborate the studies and examination to all the renowned gravity fed water purification system (Berkey, AquaCera, AquaCrock, Doulton and Katadyn). We will see which one has really the best capacity to provide users with a clean and safe drinkable water.

Removing All Kinds of Bacteria

Berkey Filters

In order for us to determine that the water is 100% clean, it must have no trace of bacteria. The same rules apply for the filtering system as well. It must have the ability to eliminate certain types of bacteria. The standard for a purification system is to kill or inactivate all pathogenic microorganisms.

As expected, only Berkey Filters could remove the pathogenic bacteria and cyst that can cause water contamination.  The Standard test picked three microorganism to see if the five water purification system can successfully filter them. These three microorganisms are bacteria (Kiebsella Terrigena), virus (Polio and Rota) and Protozoan Cyst (Giardia or Cryptosporidium).

As the results came out, the Berkey Filters proved us with its accuracy and ability in eliminating all three microorganisms. The Berkey Filters gives the assurance and guarantees its users a safe and drinkable water.

Number of Servings

In the same study wherein it identifies how many people can consume the filtered water produced by Berkey and other brands, a surprisingly result came in. The study includes 2 gallons per day per person that is usable for 12 hours. AquaCera, AquaCrock, Doulton, Katadyn almost shared the same single number of people who can use their filtering system.

Here are the approximate number of people served by the purification systems:

  • AquaCera - 6
  • AquaCrock - 5
  • Doulton - 5
  • Katadyn - 6

Berkey Filters can serve 42 people per day! Yes you read that right. Even combining the numbers of the competitors, Berkey will still stand out among the rest. Aside from the quality, of course quantity also matters.

Maximum Gallons and Replacement Time

How many gallons of drinkable water can we get from these water filter systems? Yes, the quantity is still one factor to also take into consideration. Berkey Filters can give you one hundred sixty eight gallons per day up to a total of 3000 gallons!

The Berkey Filters' four competitors can only overall produce not even the half of Berkey's 3000 gallons. In addition, the competition is not even an inch close. Let's start the count with Katadyn 730 gallons. Moreover, if used for 12 gallons per day with maximum required time limit of 182 days or just up to six months. Doulton, on the other hand, can maximum produce 535 gallons.

AquaCrock and models like Doulton GSS-2 and Ceregrav LP-5 uses Doulton Filter elements. Same goes with Katadyn, to which replacement is needed right after six months of usage whichever occurs first.

AquaCrock as mentioned uses Doulton filter elements that claimed for two years of usability or consumable of 3,000 gallons but there is a discrepancy. Doulton filter elements can only last for 535 gallons or just half a year, whichever happens first, same calculation with AquaCera.

Berkey, Doulton, Katadyn, AquaCera and AquaCrock Pass or Fail with Tests Results?

First in food color test, this is to determine if Berkey and its competitors can successfully remove microscopic red food coloring. Particularly, with one tablespoon of red dye per gallon from source water. With no doubt only Berkey Water Filter System passed the food Coloring Test.

Another milestone for Berkey Filters, is that it has been proven to be the number one brand for Water Filter System. According to NaturalNews.Com, ICP-MS Technology was used to test Berkey and other brands for its capability to produce safe water. This was the same instrument used by Food and Drug Administration and universities in the USA.

Berkey stands out among the rest from removing pathogenic bacteria and other toxic contaminants that are harmful for drinking water. Nonetheless, it proved that not only bacteria can be eliminated by Berkey Filters, but also heavy metals such as Led, Aluminum, Copper and MTBEs.

University of Phoenix, Spectrum Labs and Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science has carefully examined Berkey Filters. Without a surprise, the water filtering system had passed their standards. No tests results like this were shown in the profiles of Doulton, AquaCera, AquaCrock and Katadyn. You know that transparency at all times is very much important, especially when it involves our health. Details like this should not be hidden.

Lasting Time before Replacement

We are talking about quantity earlier let's now talk about the quality of Berkey Filters. Particularly, in terms of how long we can use it before we have to replace them. There's a study indicating that Berkey Filters can last for a decade. Yes, ten years before a badly replacement should be made.

That is how Berkey Filters durability, usefulness and reliability are proven. Because, in that long period of time it can still give you the best performance than other competitors. It guarantees its users of a convenient, high-quality and safe drinkable water experience.

Value of Your Invested Money

 Berkey Filters

Okay, quality and the quantity of Berkey Filters was already well-proven. You are now about to search for a Berkey model of your choice. You may compare it to other brand models whether others will be cheaper then you go for the most affordable one.

A Big Berkey Filters cost $258. Yes, it may look a bit more pricey than other brands. But, your money's worth will be more than that from the service and satisfaction you will be getting from Berkey.

Do not ever compromise your health and future just because the others are a bit more affordable.Looking at it in the long-run, the price you will be paying for Berkey will actually take you farther than what others can offer.

The Berkey Filters comes out to be known not just a mere water filter but a water purifier, much higher standard than a water filter. Basically, it creates very safe and drinkable water than a water filter standard. Another reason for your money's worth.

Berkey Water Filters and Purification Systems are Top-sellers For a Reason. Berkey systems can easily purify ordinary tap water, or even raw, untreated water from remote lakes and streams. Berkey removes Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fluoride and other unhealthy Contaminants without use of electricity.  The cost of water purification is just about two cents per gallon

See the Laboratory Testing Results for what Berkey water filters remove.

Our Mission

We aim not to just expand our Brand, gain profit or for other company reasons. No, we primarily aim to be the best in bringing safe and drinkable water to our market. We aim to increase the rate in improving health and wellness in every household. The Berkey Filters is not about us, it is about our users.

So, is there really a competition between Berkey and the others? Well, if you take a closer look at this article you will realize that there really is no competition in the first place. Because one brand has already standout it all the qualifications that takes to be the best water purification system.

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